Are the Carolina Panthers snake-bit?

Sunday final from Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte:Seattle Seahawks 12, Carolina Panthers 7

There must be some kind of hex on the Carolina Panthers….They have been jinxed and it’s not even Friday the 13th, until 4 days from now….

This team has been snake-bit…

The Panthers can not win the ‘BIG’ game…The Panthers can not win early in the season….The Panthers can make their ‘home state’ fans sick…….

Be honest now….

How many of you stayed with this game until the last two minutes….At that point, the Panthers were done….

The defense, in my humble opinion(IMHO), had played well enough to win all day long…..The offense was kind of quiet, but they had been efficient and they were driving with a chance to score, with just over four minutes left in the game….

Then came the long run by DeAngelo Williams….All the way down to the Seattle two-yard line and at the end of the run, Williams coughed up the ball……Working and putting themselves in position to take the lead back and probably go on to win the game, and FUMBLE!!!!!

You look at that one play and that was a HUGE part of what cost the Carolina Panthers today’s game….Williams all the way down to around the two-yard line and the Panthers die on the vine right there….

The defense tried to get some stops, but by that stage of the game, with under three minutes to play, they were getting worn down by then and they didn’t have too many answers left for Russell Wilson and company….

Cam Newton and the Panthers’ offense didn’t put up big-time numbers today, but they were again, efficient and the FUMBLE by DeAngelo Williams killed the ‘Cats chances for today…..Other than the FUMBLE, Williams didn’t have a bad afternoon….He ran hard and he put up some pretty good numbers…..But as the Panthers’ luck would have it, with the game on the line, he coughed up the ball in a critical situation…..

Panther Steve Smith was madder than a Hornet today, with some of the stupid Panther penalties that came on punt returns and the last punt return penalty gave the Seahawks a chance to start at their own 26, instead of at their own 8-yard line…And on that very same series, the Seahawks took the ball all the way up the field, for a go-ahead score, that proved to winner in this game…..

The punt return penalties came for Armond Smith, #36 from the Panthers, leaving the field on the punt coverage team and not getting back on the field, after he went out-of-bounds on the sidelines, and then not getting back on to the playing field in a timely manner…..Steve Smith was boiling mad after this happened not once, but twice, and the second time the call was not exactly like the first, but it was close enough to get Steve Smith and the other Panthers mad enough to spit bullets, when they were talking/yelling at the other Smith….

Bad day to be watching a Panthers game, especially after the way that they had played so well early on and throughout most of the game, but in the end, it just became another disappointing Panthers’ finish/ending….

That game watching took up most of your afternoon and it ends up being a wasted, nearly three hours of football….Nothing to show for your time spent watching….No win, just another loss in Week One of the NFL season…..

With the final Seattle 12, Carolina Panthers 7, we did come up with one justifiable question…..

Are the Carolina Panthers snake-bit?

*****Panthers’ Note:The Carolina Panthers’ third-year coach Ron Rivera falls to (2-13), in games decided by seven points or less.*****

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