Surprising Teams/Disappointing Teams here early in the football seasons

Surprising teams would be teams like N.C. A&T at (2-0) having beaten Appalachian and Elon early in this season…..Teams like the Eastern Guilford Wildcats at (3-0), Southwest Guilford Cowboys at (2-2) and aren’t the Kansas City Chiefs (2-0)….The Charlotte 49ers are surprising team, even though they lost to N.C. Central last week, the new football team has had a great beginning…(2-1), and still creating many positive vibes with their new-found football creation…Obviously the best team in Charlotte right now….Mallard Creek may beg to differ, but that is a horse(Mavericks), of a different color….

Disappointing teams would be Carolina Panthers(0-2) and the Panthers might just be the most disappointing team of all after the way their games have gone the first two weeks of the season…Appalachian State at (0-2) is a big disappointment….Falling to N.C. A&T and the way they got thumped against Montana…..The Washington Redskins are (0-2), but it appears that RG3 is not completely healed and at least he is taking the blame for the way things have been going…..Wake Forest is a big disappointment, with their (1-2) start and the losses to Boston College and Louisiana-Monroe are still stinging…..The Western Guilford Hornets at (0-4) are struggling and could have really used a win in that first game of the season, versus Morehead….That could have gotten the ball rolling, but it seems to rolling downhill right now….You can also add the Pittsburgh Steelers to this list, another major disappointment to start the NFL season, at (0-2)…..

You can add to this list, or feel free to comment on this list…..


  1. Going to need to hang in there with Western….One win could do wonders for them right now and they have a real good shot this Friday against (0-4) WS Reynolds and then they have Southern Guilford coming up, in a couple of weeks….

    Not time to jump ship right now…Got to hang in until the end of the season and give th current coaching staff a chance….They may still be able to turn it around with the conference games coming up…

    For them the first game of the season, has to be this Friday night against the Demons of WS Reynolds and then take it from there….

    Got to have a plan and stay on top of it, but that first win would be a salvo that could help this club….

    Hang in and hang on….And don’t hang up the phone if Saban calls…

  2. 3-0 Cheifs! Where are all the Philly fans who were claiming this was the best team ever after they beat an overrated Redskins team?

  3. Andy how long do you hang in there with this Coaching staff Causey has been there since 05 with two winning seasons I think we have hung in there with him long enough you must be good friends with him

  4. Coach J
    How is a new coach going to get players to come to Western? It’s illegal to recruit. Who would you put at QB right now with the players he has? Principal Kash is fighting hard to get those 100 plus students that are at Grimsley to come back (Jake Simpson is supposed to be at WG)! Causey is as smart as any coach out there. He has to have the talent to put a competive team together.

  5. You don’t change a high school coach during the course of the season….You stick with/by the man and finish what you started….

  6. 77 Hornet talent isn’t the problem at Western you have kids walking the hall that can play but won’t….

  7. We need to let this rest at least here at this spot and for all involved, if you are Hornet fan, parent, player or coach, you are all in it together and you need to stick together through the thick and thin and support the product that they are putting on the field….

    Coach Causey has our support because he is the man in charge of the team….It is easier to stand back and coach or talk about these teams from a distance than it is to be right there in the fire….

    Game time tonight and get out and support your teams and support the men that are leading your teams….

    *****I’m sure there is more to be said, but we will leave it at the curb and if you have the burning desire to say a whole lot more take it the school face-to-face…

    Lot more on the table and do take some things out, with the goal here to be constructive….Just a thought, if you know of more kids that might be able to help the team, talk to them and encourage them to come out in the future….Hit it on the positive side and if have other ideas that might help the team, meet with the coaching staff and let them know how you feel and what you may have to offer….

    If means a lot to you, you will take it to the top to get your team back on top….Go see the coaches and their staff…..

    *****To sum all of this up in just a few words:”Be a part of the solution and not the problem”…..*****

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