Guilford County Shrine Bowl Selections with Mosely/Register(Dudley), Featherston(Page), Sugg(Northwest) and Pratt(HP Central)

Emmanuel Moseley and Chris Register(Dudley HS), Lorenzo Featherston(Page HS) Jon Sugg(Northwest Guilford HS) and Germaine Pratt(High Point Central HS) are all on the 2013 North Carolina Shrine Bowl Team…Guilford County with five players on the squad….
The 77th Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas game will played in Spartanburg on Saturday, December 21st……NC vs. SC….

North Carolina Shrine Bowl Team
Last Name First Name Jersey # Position School
Burton Cameron 66 OL A. C. Reynolds High School
Jones Freeman 48 P/K Bunn High School
Klugh Hasaan 19 QB Central Cabarrus High School
Hood Elijah 34 RB Charlotte Catholic High School
Martin Isaac 33 RB Cleveland High School
Richardson Will 78 OL Cummings High School
Stewart Isaac 37 LB David W. Butler High School
McNeil Trip 68 OL Davie High School
Dalton Nathan 63 OL East Henderson High School
Scott Derrell 3 RB Havelock High School
Pratt Germaine 7 Safety High Point Central High School
Thompson Travion 1 WR Hillside High School
Campbell Tobias Edge 51 DL Hoke County High School
Heath Dominique 84 WR Hopewell High School
Street Kentavious 35 DL J. H. Rose High School
McConnell Nathan 70 OL Jacksonville High School
Moseley Emmanuel 4 Safety James B. Dudley High School
Register Chris 6 LB James B. Dudley High School

Stout MyQuon 32 DL Jesse Carson High School
Berrios Braxton 10 WR Leesville Road High School
Askew Stephen 22 OLB Mallard Creek High School
Mattison Cameron 26 Safety Mallard Creek High School
Burston Curtis 85 WR Middle Creek High School
Wynn Tre’Shun 9 Corner Monroe High School
Best Shaun 71 OL New Bern High School
Purdie Cody 20 OLB New Bern High School
Robinson Jabril 50 DL North Brunswick High School
Cabrera Josh 89 WR Northside High School
Sugg Jon 74 Center Northwest Guilford High School
Dinkins Robert 30 DL Olympic High School
Featherson Lorenzo 44 OLB Page High School
Collins Cayson 36 LB Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology High School
Gallaird Lamont 52 DL Pine Forest Senior High School
Spain Bentley 62 OL Providence High School
Monley Trejon 15 Corner Scotland County High School
Bray Tyler 42 RB South Point High School
Trowell Maurice 82 WR Southern Durham High School
McCreary Jacob 64 OL W. A. Hough High School
McClendon Jalen 2 QB West Mecklenburg High School
Wilson Shaun 28 Corner West Mecklenburg High School

South Carolina Shrine Bowl Team
Last Name First Name Jersey # Position School
Crosby Kevin 32 TE Bamberg-Earhardt High School
Mackey Chris 75 OL Belton Honea Path High School
Joseph Kendall 44 LB Belton Honea Path High School
Ford Keith 40 DL Bluffton High School
Walker Zeke 19 DB Brookland-Cayce High School
Pringle Naquez 99 DL Carvers Bay High School
Samuel Tyshun 15 WR Chapman High School
Brown Solomon 48 LB Daniel High School
Ogelesby Jae’lon 2 RB Daniel High School
Blue Joe 34 RB Dillon High School
Ford Damu 35 LB Dillon High School
Cooper Zack 60 OL Dorman High School
Maxwell Tyrell 12 DB Edisto High School
Davidson Shaq 4 WR Gaffney High School
Kinlaw Caleb 20 RB Goose Creek High School
Ritchie Kalen 85 TE Goose Creek High School
Morgan Octavious 26 DB Greenwood High School
Reddick Dequan 83 DL Hartsville High School
Phillips Shykasheali 3 DB Hartsville High School
Casey Daquan 22 DL Hemingway High School
Lewis Issac 36 DB Hillcrest High School
Ford Poona 54 DL Hilton Head High School
Clark Ben 63 OL James F. Byrnes High School
Meadors Shaedon 6 WR James F. Byrnes High School
Stanley Donnell 71 OL Latta High School
Darley Cam 46 Athlete Manning High School
Ward Raheem 28 DB Marlboro County High School
Whitley Jake 64 OL North Augusta High School
Rudolph Mason 10 QB Northwestern High School
Sargent Corey 33 DB Northwestern High School
Rice Messiah 66 OL Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School
Wideman Dexter 74 DL Saluda High School
Renfrow Hunter 1 Athlete Socastee High School
Rodney Zeke 55 DL South Pointe High School
Miller Christian 30 LB Spring Valley High School
Park Jacob 9 QB Stratford High School
Kelleher Nolan 61 OL Wando High School
Spence Alex 42 K/P West Florence High School
Young Malik 73 OL Woodmont High School
Bone Blake 7 WR Woodruff High School

15 thoughts on “Guilford County Shrine Bowl Selections with Mosely/Register(Dudley), Featherston(Page), Sugg(Northwest) and Pratt(HP Central)

  1. Sorry.. but Jalen Gavin should have got this hands down over Featherson who has missed games b/c he didn’t have the heart to play against a couple of solid teams…. Gavin has ALWAYS been consistent wether it be football or basketball.. he has more heart then any athlete out there.. he’s played hurt w/out ever even considering not playing at all… & it puts up the #’s… height doesn’t do a bit of good when you don’t have heart, confidence & determination to back it up..

  2. Is there any explanation for Johnathan Lloyd of Southern Alamance being left off? He has 1,628 passing yards with 13 passing touchdown to go along with 644 rushing yards and 8 rushing touchowns. Ridiculous.

  3. People! The Shrine Bowl is selected by the coaches of the team. Not by stats or by college offers. Its about what kids fit into their system.

  4. Congrats to Johnny Sugg! The kid is a beast coming off the edge. He might be one of the strongest kids in the area this year. I think they said he busted out 30 or more reps on the bench at the Shrine Bowl combine!

  5. Good question. Wonder did he(Lloyd) attend all of the combines…From what we hear he is headed to Duke and as you mention, he is having a great year….

    The Berrios kid from Raleigh Leesville Road has been out with injury and wonder if he will be back full strength by then…He is due to announce his college choice this Saturday and at 5’9 don’t think he will be playing QG in college….

  6. Dear Page Fans,
    Not many 5’8″ kids get selected to the shrine bowl. If they do they better put down a 4.3 40

  7. @juss sayin

    No matter what the kid size is. Its all about performance and heart. There are a lot of 5’8″ or 5’9″ guys that play college and pro ball.

    And btw – Featherstone has no busy being on this team. Dude is soft as cotton and has no heart!

  8. Congrats to coach Darryl Brown from Southern Guilford for being part of the team:

    Lee County football coach Burton Cates will lead the North Carolina squad. He will be assisted by Darryl Brown (Southern Guilford), Robert Cody (Plymouth), Blair Hardin (Freedom), Mark Little (West Columbus), Randy Raper (Northern Nash) and Phil Tate (South Point).

    Steve Smith Panthers small at 5’9, Sam Mills was all of 5’9, Pat Fisher of the Redskins was 5’8 and all of those guys could play at the highest level…

  9. Guys, dont take it personal about the Shrine Bowl. Most of the players on this team are not one-hit wonders. Usually the players are rewarded for 2/3 years of good football, and they are some of the best in the state over a period of time. If you want to see injustice wait until they pick the East-West roster, now that is a joke.

  10. I am not sure who or anybody has the round up information but I would love to know where some of the local kids are going to college for football (whether signed, being recruited or what). Considering how many of our local teams are in the top 10 ranks, there must be a lot of kids going to the SEC, ACC, Southern, Big South, MEAC or parts unknown.

  11. Pirate ’92. Gavin is very good that is true. But look back each year and many excellent players with just as much heart and as many awards never got it either. Unfortunately that is the way it goes…They look at the physical rather than the stats.

  12. @People then some of the coaches that nominated one of these players did other players unjustice. It is true barely playing and only showing up when they want to on the field. That is a shame if that is the case.

  13. Guys, it is only 44 position taken. Out of about 350+ high schools. Just because a kid doesn’t make it, do not make him not a player or a future college player. These coaches spend a lot of times watching tape and combines. Just like the draft, no one can pick all of them right. But it is not about stats, it is what you do on tape and in person. Lloyd did attend combine and is a beast of a player, but so is the other QB’s taken. We can argure about 1 or 2 players each year, but at the end of the day, the coaches have to pick who they feel will fit into what they are trying to do. Offensively are they going to throw it or run it. Defensively, you must play a 3-4. So you have to pick some kids that fit into that scheme. You are handcuffed on defensive side of the ball.

    The worst thing you can do is pick with your heart. I would love for all the naysayers to be on the selection committe just once and see how hard it is. It is not easy.

    And for the East/West game. First check with your coaches. A lot of coaches do not even nominate their players for whatever reason. Then many players cannnot play because they will be going to college early for the summer. So, about Januanry, ask your coach to show you who they nominated for the East/West game. You will be suprise!!

  14. What has the Featherstone kid at Page done this year other than be tall? I haven’t heard him make an impact on any game this year. In High School a player that is suppose to be his caliber on defense can make a world of difference and cover up some lesser player. We will see what he is worth at the next level.


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