Could we be seeing a return of ‘The Fridge’? D.J. Reader(Grimsley HS) now playing fullback and DT for the Clemson Tigers

D.J. Reader(Grimsley HS) is now playing fullback and defensive tackle for the Clemson Tigers…..Maybe we are seeing a 2013 version of former Tiger, William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry…..

Reader now lines up at fullback on various occasions and he continues to play at defensive tackle and he is on several of the Tigers’ special teams…

Having/wearing the #48 is also a big plus and this is some kind of read on D.J. Reader from and you can check it all out when you CLICK HERE….

*****Thanks to one of our readers, for sending this to us on D.J. Reader….*****


  1. I thought of the fridge when I heard he was headed to Clemson but the difference is DJ is a better athlete and a much better student. I am still amazed that he can keep up with school work and play two sports but this is a testiment to the person he is.

  2. I remember seeing DJ at a baseball game. When I walked up he was standing on 2nd. I’m 6’5″ 260 lbs and he made me look small. I though to myself it would take a triple to get him in then he stole 3rd!!!! Wow this kid is an athlete.

  3. What a great story for a great kid! Congrats to DJ.
    P.S. SE Parent, I thought the same thing and im 6’3 280!

    Vegas Mike

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