High School Football Saturday Morning rewind:Three Unbeatens out there in Guilford County!

Last week we had two unbeatens and this week we have three, with Southeast Guilford and Northwest Guilford at (8-0) and Dudley at (7-0)….I would feel that NWG will go 4-AA, and guess that SEG and Dudley would go in as 4-A teams when the playoffs hit in about 4 weeks….

Northwest Guilford might be the hottest team around right now…..They became unbeaten on Thursday at about 5pm and they almost saw that change in just over 24 hours, but the Vikings took care of business at home and survived the High Point Central Bison 28-25, in what they are calling a ‘Wild One’ at Billings Stadium….

Three TD’s for Anthony Harding(NWG) and 170-plus yards on the ground and the word is Germaine Pratt, from Central, had another fine game, but fumbled away a chance to win it for the Bison late….Jamiel Mack also with another big game for Central….Also solid games for Christian Dix and Keenan Scott for NWG….

NWG still has Glenn, SWG and East Forsyth and not sure about the order of the firrst two teams, but they do finish up with East Forsyth…..It might become a point where East Forsyth is the only thing standing in the way of a perfect regular season for Northwest Guilford….

In the Page-Grimsley game, the Whirlies led 3-0 early and chewed up nine minutes of the first quarter clock on the way to that field goal that put them in front early…..It was all Page once the Pirates got warmed up and Grimsley started putting the ball on the ground with numerous fumbles, blocked punts and other types of turnovers….

The real bad news for Grimsley hit when they lost RB/DB Scott Johnston…Johnston went out with a torn MCL/Medial Collateral Ligamenet and they won’t know the whole/full story on him until Monday….Could be a huge loss for the Whirlies if he is done for the season and that might be the case here….#6 was one of the main cogs in the game until he went down tonight and once he was gone, the Whirlies were in BIG trouble….

The way Page was converting the Grimsley turnovers into points, Page would have still won, but with Johnston in the game, it would have been much closer and much more competitive…

You have to give it to Coach Kevin Gillespie tonight…He and the Page coaching staff did a very good job of getting the most out of their players on Friday night and it was more than just Jalen Gavin, although Jalen did all things well on this day….Timothy Wharton had a big game with what three TD’s, Dominique Britt was a force, Anthony/A.J. Capel had a long run for a TD, Harrison Kiser, the sophomore kicker for the Pirates, was a busy young man tonight….Lorenzo Featherston was batting balls down and making his precense known on the defense…Grimsley was having problems blocking Featherston and the big man exerted his will on the Whirlies tonight…..

Grimsley would have had a fighting chance if Scott Johnston would have been in the game after the first quarter, but he was gone and the Whirlies were gone as well…Still plenty of props to the Pirates, a great all-around effort by them tonight…..Coach Gillespie and Coach Weeks had those boys all on the same Page for this one…..

Page still has Smith, Dudley and Southern Alamance, while Grimsley must still meet Dudley, Southeast and Smith….

Southern Guilford is still looking good with that 17-14 win over Asheboro….Don’t have any of the details on tonight’s affair, but the Storm were at 1-3 at one part of the season and now they have run off three straight wins to go to (5-4) on the year…..Southern looks like they are back on track….

Dudley was down early on to Southern Alamance and the Panthers went on a roll to win big over the Patriots….Again, the Panthers over the Patriots in this one….Dudley has Grimsley, Page and SEG remaining….

Would love to see some of the numbers on the Northern Guilford-Eastern Guillford game…A look at both teams’ offensive stats would tell a real story for you…..Total yards for NG vs. total yards for EG….

Burlington Williams owns our Guilford County teams this year/season….The Bulldogs deafeated Eastern Guilford last week, they topped Northeast Guilford this week and Williams picked up the forfeit win from Northern Guilford and that makes our teams (0-3) vs. the ‘Dogs this season….BW has owned Guilford County in 2013…..

Don’t look now, but High Point Andrews is having an outstanding season…Since that Game One loss to HP Central, they have rattled off six straight real large wins and most of these games have not been close at all…The Red Raiders are ready to make a run at the 2-AA State Championship and still would like to see meetings with HPA and WS Carver, plus Carver and Andrews vs. Reidsville…..These would be great games for the fans…..

Ragsdale won out over Southwest Guilford and will we see Tommy Norwood’s Tigers make a late-season push for the playoffs??? They still have East Forsyth and High Point Central left and they could become a very key spoiler, or just go ahead and grab themselves a playoff spot, if they can beat HPC and EF….Asking for a lot, but they might catch the Bison or the Eagles looking ahead, or looking back…..

Would like to hear how the Southeast Guilford Falcons ground attack did this evening…They were on their game last week at Page and might be interesting to see if they hit 300-plus yards on the Golden Eagles…Might have hit 400 yards, haven’t seen any numbers yet, but can tell you that Turner, McThay, Boswell and Moore can really run, I mean really run….Wonder who hit 100 yards first tonight for the Falcons….

Just a few things to be looking at and talking about as we hit our ‘Early Morning’ rewind…..

I’m sure we will be adding more tomorrow/later on Saturday morning, but that is it for now and here’s hoping we made some sense out of things this evening/morning…..


  1. Here you go…SE Rushing stats from last night.


    Turner 16-205 3 TDS
    Boswell 14-134
    Antonio Moore 3-34
    Craven 8-28 1 TD
    Jennings 4-40
    Stephen Thomas 2-17 1 TD
    Stevenson 2-8
    Newson 2-0

    57 rushes 466 yards

  2. Looking pretty rough for Grimsley the rest of the way with Dudley, Southeast and then Smith, especially if Johnston is gone…

  3. Can we say I told you so yet about NE Guilford? 3-5, will finish 3-8 (no chance vs. Northern, W. alamance or E. Alamance)….this will result in first losing season and first missed playoff birth in TWENTY YEARS….congrats to Principal and AD for killing program with the hire of Coach Jackson….parents should be calling for all three’s heads, i know us alumni are, kids deserve better

  4. Pratt with HPC is an amazing athlete and played both sides of the ball like no one I’ve seen in recent years. Can’t wait to see what he does in college…he was incredible to watch!!

  5. Northeast has size and speed. They are poorly coached and are obviously coached to play dirty. They had numerous late hits on Williams’ quarterback that were clearly intended to injure him.

  6. Same thing happened when Ragsdale played NE. Dirtiest team I’ve ever seen. I’m sure it’s not the players fault!

  7. Guys, it’s clearly not the players fault….they were once coached by a class act…..really disappointed in the alma mater here, used to be proud to say I played for NE, now i just say i played for Tommy Pursley….outraged and disappointed are understatements

  8. Terrible news about Scott Johnston tearing his MCL Friday night against Page. He’s a very tough player and I hope he recovers soon.

  9. Man, they lose the Williams game now all the haters are back? Where were you guys the last two weeks? I have been supporting ne for Years and pursely NEVER PLAYED a schedule as tough as the one they had this year. As a matter of fact he, pouted and complained about how it was unfair he had to play Northern. Guess if they could have played the South Granvilles or Sw Randolphs of the world they woulda had more wins.Heck, two teams in that old conference they whooped at a scrimmage earlier in the year(Ledford, Central Davidson). Yall must think people are dumb. Ray Charles can see they had a STACKED DECK before the season.

  10. Idk but I think with any transition of coach your gonna have some buying in and some that don’t. My son plays for the JV team and they play together and have truely bought in to the new system. They are 6-1 and 5-0 in conference. Only close game is a 6 pt loss to SE. Coach Jackson does a great job in my opinion. I think the future will be brighter once he gets some of pursely boys out the program. They only know one way, the old way. Plus, I have a daughter who goes to Brown Summit elementary. Her principal told me how coach Jackson has volunteered his time in the mornings before work for there mentoring program and trying to get his guys involved aswell. Kudos to Coach Jackson, and stay positive. The bad apples will weed themselves out.

  11. Folks we have two different factions here…

    No doubt whatsoever, Coach Pursley did an outstanding job….The Rams playoff steak with Coach Pursley in charge speaks for itself and those that are loyal to Coach Pursley, we can see where you are coming from…

    Coach Jackson has the JV team in good and current Rams fans hope that speaks for a better future for the Northeast Guilford football program….

    No dobut some mistakes have probably been made, but there should be time to work on them and correct them….

    Some strong words from a lot of you fans, and now is good time for all to cool off, as we head into a new week….

    There is still some good football left to be played and I hope many of you get a chance to enjoy it…

    The key date now for all involved is Friday October 25….

    Let’s put much of this talk behind us and start working on Friday…..

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