A very serious family man, loses a very important family member

News coming from the Duke Basketball Report and this has to be tough news for a man that has been very family connected for all of his years….With his wife and daughters and to his brother, just a real tight-knit bond between Coach Mike Krzyzewski and his family and now he has lost his last living sibling, his brother Bill….

from the Duke Basketball Report:
We were really sorry to learn today that Coach K’s brother, Bill, has died. Krzyzewski often pointed to his brother, a Chicago firefighter, as an example of hard work for the sake of hard work and he was a frequent presence at Duke games. He died the day after Christmas.

This means that Coach K is now the last living member of his immediate family. That’s a sobering feeling for anyone.

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  1. Stinks for anyone when you lose the last of your biological family. But it’s also nice to be still standing.

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