Current Conference Standings for High School Basketball Teams

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Metro 4-A:
Page 2-0/13-1
Ben L. Smith 2-0/8-6
Southern Alamance 1-1/3-7…Adjusting based on last Friday’s game…
Dudley 1-1/3-7….Adjusting based on last Friday’s game…
Grimsley 0-2/7-8
Southeast Guilford 0-2/3-11

Piedmont Triad 4-A:
East Forsyth 1-0/13-1
Southwest Guilford 1-0/12-3
Ragsdale 1-0/11-3
Northwest Guilford 0-1/13-2
High Point Central 0-1/9-4
Glenn 0-1/6-9

Mid-State 3-A:
Northern Guilford 7-1/9-7
Northeast Guilford 6-1/7-7
McMichael 5-2/7-6
Eastern Alamance 5-2/10-3
Eastern Guilford 5-3/9-6
Morehead 3-5/7-8
Williams 2-6/2-10
Western Alamance 1-6/1-10
Rockingham County 0-8/0-14

Mid-Piedmont 3-A:
North Forsyth 4-1/10-7
Western Guilford 3-1/9-6
Ledford 3-1/10-6
Asheboro 3-2/9-7
Central Davidson 1-3/5-8
Southwestern Randolph 1-3/2-12
Southern Guilford 0-4/1-14

PAC 6 2-A:
Trinity 1-0/14-0
Randleman 1-0/10-3
T.W. Andrews 1-0/4-8
Wheatmore 0-1/9-6
Eastern Randolph 0-1/10-4
Providence Grove 0-1/4-11

Greensboro Day 3-0/20-2
High Point Christian Academy 2-1/14-3
Wesleyan Christian Academy 1-1/13-6
Davidson Day 1-2/9-4
Forsyth Country Day 1-2/18-6
Calvary Baptist Day 0-2/11-7

GIRLS Standings
Metro 4-A:
Page 2-0/11-5
Dudley 2-0/6-5
Southern Alamance 1-1/13-1
Southeast Guilford 1-1/11-4
Grimsley 0-2/3-12
Ben L. Smith 0-2/3-8

Piedmont Triad 4-A:
Southwest Guilford 1-0/11-2
Northwest Guilford 1-0/7-7
East Forsyth 1-0/4-7
Ragsdale 0-1/8-5
Glenn 0-1/6-6
High Point Central 0-1/0-13

Mid-State 3-A:
Williams 8-0/12-1
Northern Guilford 7-1/12-4
Eastern Alamance 5-2/9-4
Eastern Guilford 5-3/8-6
Northeast Guilford 4-4/7-8
Rockingham County 3-5/8-8
Morehead 1-6/3-7
McMichael 1-6/3-9
Western Alamance 0-7/1-12

Mid-Piedmont 3-A:
Ledford 4-0/12-4
Southwestern Randolph 3-1/12-2
Asheboro 2-2/13-4
Southern Guilford 2-2/7-7
Central Davidson 2-2/3-10
Western Guilford 0-2/1-7
North Forsyth 0-4/4-13

PAC 6 2-A:
T.W. Andrews 1-0/6-4
Trinity 1-0/4-10
Wheatmore 1-0/7-7
Providence Grove 0-1/5-6
Eastern Randolph 0-1/3-11
Randleman 0-1/2-11

Greensboro Day 3-0/20-2
Davidson Day 1-1/7-4
Wesleyan Christian Academy 1-2/10-9
Forsyth Country Day 0-1/6-12
High Point Christian Academy 0-2/1-5
Calvary Baptist Day 0-0/1-0

******Adding here to include Caldwell Academy/WCA/AHA/Etc. boys*****
NCISAA Triad Standings:
Caldwell Academy 3-0 / 8-10
The Burlington School 3-0 / 14-2
Carolina Friends 2-1 / 6-8
Salem Baptist Academy 2-2 / 11-7
Westchester Country Day 1-2 / 8-8
Trinity of Durham 1-2 / 4-6
Burlington Christian 0-2 / 2-8
American Hebrew Academy 0-3 / NA


  1. Dudley actually beat Southern Alamance last week…do you think this info is up to date? That would make them 1-1 in conference play

  2. NCISAA Triad Standings
    Caldwell Academy 3-0 / 8-10
    The Burlington School 3-0 / 14-2
    Carolina Friends 2-1 / 6-8
    Salem Baptist Academy 2-2 / 11-7
    Westchester Country Day 1-2 / 8-8
    Trinity of Durham 1-2 / 4-6
    Burlington Christian 0-2 / 2-8
    American Hebrew Academy 0-3 / NA

  3. I think Dudley boys might be (3-8) after the loss to Western Guilford last Saturday night…

    Dudley girls and SA girls look to be up-to-date…

    It seems like there may a game or team a game off or two, but for the most part this is the way it is in the Conferences….

    Good update and we will update these again in a few week, by then we will see some major changes….

    Hopefully more coaches will call in and update their schedules and their standings if any of these are off at all, but for the most part we are on the money today….

  4. Dudley has only played 11 games by the middle of January. If you are a good player, why would you play at a school that you only get to play 11 games by mid Jan and maybe 18-20 games the entire year against the same kids you have played since pre-school. Schools like WES and GDS will play 34-38 games per year against competition from all over the state and out of state. Playing wise the private schools are like 2 years in 1 compared to the publics. Even the middle schools play 14 games per year.

  5. Playing 11 games vs solid competition or playing 20 games and half those games vs cream puffs……seems to be to be about the same. Outside of GDS and New Hope for girls ball the private school scene does not make you any better player.

  6. The local public school conferences are terrible. Other than Page, SW, normally Dudley, sometimes NW, NE and Northern, the remaining 3A and 4A programs are usually not good either. It is even worst with the girls. Page, SW, Northern and Dudley are usually good but the other teams are usually below average over the past 5 or so years. The private schools obviously play some cupcakes but they will play more good teams than many of the local public schools will play in total games for the year (especially on the boys side).

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