Lots of Fog/Heavy FOG this morning and it could have changed your outlook on the early light

Heavy fog out there this morning and it looks like it is about to burn off, but that was some thick soupy-like fog that we were seeing out there early today….

Much of it has started to leave us now, as we get on up into the morning hours, but there were times out there this morning, where the visibility was probably no more than 5-10 feet dead ahead….

Was doing the morning run and one of things I noticed was for one thing it wasn’t all that cold and that was good thing and another thing I was taking in was the moisture from the fog that developed on my eyelids and eyelashes….It was like standing water hanging on there after a few miles down the road and there was no fear for dry eyes this day, with all of that fog….

Had never experienced the hanging water drops on my eyelids and eyelashes before, but I you stay around long enough, there is no telling what you are going to see….(If you can get through the fog.)

‘Heavy Fog’ in the Gate City this morning and could you see it??? You may have had trouble seeing through it, that FOG was a tough breed/brand…..

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