Guilford County Schools dimissing two hours early today due to threat of bad weather

No games today in Guilford County….Schools will be dismissed two hours early due to the threat of snow and cold temperatures….

The high schools are on a exam schdule making up exams today that they missed last week, when the schools opened on a two-hour delay due to cold temperatures…..

Sure hope that they can get back on a regular schedule tomorrow and there a are ton of high school games scheduled for Wednesday, as they will making up the games that were scheduled for today and they could not play today due to the exams….
(Most games had already been put on hold due to the exams, but now all practices will have to be put on hold too.)

No school on Thursday and Friday this week….These have been set aside as teacher’s work days…..

These are the kind of years that you wished you were a high school senior again….With a schedule like this, you are going to be in class about half of the time, in your final year…..

Heard the word first this morning as I was headed past General Greene School, as the announcement was made that, “we will be on a different schedule today, with school dimissing early….We need the teachers to make the appropriate arrnagements for this change in schedule”……

Here is the most recent word on these changes from the News and Record on-line….


  1. What time is all of this supposed to start???

    When does this bad weather hit today???

    I can see calling off the games if there is a threat, but what time is the storm supposed roll through here is what I would like to know….

    Lots of sun and blue skies right now, but I guess that could change any time…

    Anybody got a real clue on this one???

  2. As a high school senior I can tell you that we won’t be getting any breaks for the next two months. I honestly wish the teacher work days were spread out.

  3. When will the next holiday/vaction be, Spring Break???

    And how long will that be this year?

    They need to set up a day off for Mr. Duncan’s birthday or Mr. Green’s birthday or something like that…..All in good humor in both cases…..

  4. I have been told that the Caldwell Games tonight at The Burlington School have been rescheduled for Monday.

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