L.A. Logan ‘One on One’ with Keniece Purvis(NGFS):Purvis has committed to Clemson

Keniece Purvis(New Garden Friends School) had an unusual recruiting processPurvis sat down with L.A. Logan(Greensborosports.com) and L.A. got the inside, on why she is heading outside the state, to play her college basketball….

Q&A with New Garden Friends School Keniece Purvis

“I am a player,” said junior Keniece Purvis. “I don’t rank players.”

Purvis, a point guard at New Garden Friends School, verbally committed to an ACC School without taking a shot last season.

As a sophomore in 2013, she averaged 23 points, 4 assists, 5 rebounds and 3 steals per game.

Purvis said that she had an unusual recruiting process. Instead of waiting on recruiters to knock down her door, she reached out to schools based on academics.

“Clemson was the perfect match,” said Purvis. “It’s like a big family. Once I visited, they were just as excited about me, as I was about them.”

Purvis goes on to describe her road to Clemson as she missed this year with a knee injury. She sat down with Greensborosports.com to discuss her past, present and future plans. Expect nothing but greatness from the academic standout next season.

At what age did you start playing basketball?

I started playing basketball ball at five years old. My mother started me off doing cheerleading, but my father wanted me to play basketball. So my parents agreed that if my mother took me to cheerleading practice, while my father had to take me to basketball practice. I soon fell in love with basketball and made it my primary sport.

When did you know that you could play at the Division-I Level?

I always believed I could play at the Division-I level. I have been training with Division-1 athletes ever since I can remember. When I was in six grade, I trained and played against college recruits. So that helped me build my confidence. I also believe that if I work hard enough anything is possible.

How has basketball helped you evolve as a student?

It helps me with group projects, improving my leadership skills, and striving to do my best in everything. Also it teaches me how to take short steps towards long-term goals.

Tell me some of the things they did other than give you tours?

Basically me being a sophomore at the time, I was limited in the things I could do other than tours. But since I went to the campus, I communicated with the coaches and players on and off the court.

What’s your academic standing?

3.8 on a 4.0 scale

What was the deciding factor that led to you selecting Clemson?

The coaching staff is great. They are starting off new and striving to become one of the top ACC women’s basketball programs. They have my major, computer science/ engineering also. It’s not to far from home where my family can come see me play. Plus, I love their style of play. Playing in the ACC has always been a goal.

What was your parents’ role in helping you decide on your future plans?

My parents played a huge role. My parents have been supporting me from the beginning, so if I get their approval for a school I know I need to really look into. We talked about what school will put me in the right position in my life and we thought Clemson was the right choice.

Why commit as a junior in high school, why not wait until next year?

Everything about Clemson I love both athletically and academically. This school is offering everything I was looking for. Now I can just improve my game and focus on my academics and graduating high school.

What is your strongest asset that you will bring to Tiger Nation on the court and off the court?

On the court, my physical strength to get to the basket will help me get my teammates quality shots and my leadership skills. I always want to win. Off the court, I know I can definitely help academically. I believe that education is the key to life. I plan to use my number one weapon, which is my mind and spirit.

In your words, describe to me why you should be the top-ranked point guard coming out of 2015?

I will always give my best as a player, and I will leave it up to everyone else to decide where I rank. If you want to succeed in life you can’t always listen to others you have to believe in yourself and go for it.

My favorite quote:

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

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  1. I have watch this young lady develop over the years, and she is a great player. She is definitely one of the top players in the state. Well deserved, I wish her the best of luck in her recovery. I know her future will be bright.

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