Talking North Carolina Tar Heel Sports while getting a State Inspection at Holland Auto Care

Took my car over to Scott Holland, at the Holland Auto Care Center today and got the State Inspection….

Getting an State Inspection, while talking to former North Carolina Tar Heel punter and quarterback Scott McCallister(Western Guilford)…

Scott did very well as a punter for the North Carolina Tar Heels back in the late 80’s and early 90’s…He was named Second Team All-ACC punter in 1989, 1990 and 1991….

Scott went on to have tryouts with the New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and San Diego Chargers and he met and got to know a lot of key people along the way…

We were talking today about Ethan Albright, Deems May, Fritz Hessenthaler, Dick Crum, Mack Brown, Tommy Barnhardt, Bobby Ross and more names than you can shake a stick at….This guy Scott McCallister has been around the horn…..

And he hit a home run for Western Guilford back in the mid-80’s that gave them a 1-0 win over Northern Davidson in Game One that year, in the 3=A Title series….Scott Muscat threw either a no-hitter, or a one-hitter to get the team in order for the win….Scott Holland(Holland Auto Care), Scott Muscat and Scott McCallister, they were all on the stage today at Holland Auto Care….

This former Hornet and Heel kicker averaged nearly 45 yards per punt while in college and he got into camp with the Jets, the Bucs and the Chargers….

He even told me about Ethan Albright and his baseball playing days at the University of North Carolina…

Quite a football and baseball player back in his day and he had to decide between North Carolina and South Carolina when it came time to go off to college….[Todd Ellis(Page HS) was the QB in Columbia at the time.]

Said Joe Morrison flew into PTI on a Gamecock plane trying to land Scott and they would have landed the plane in Scott’s front yard over behind the Hardin’s Feed Mill, on West Market Street, if the FAA could have allowed the clearence….No Malaysian missing creations, this plane actually touched down at our airport and the Gamecocks came to get McCallister….

In the end, the Heels landed him instead…..

Lots of good names and it is always a good thing to get to talk to a legend from the fields of the ACC and it is even better, when this former ACC football player also wore the Black and Gold for former Tar Heel, Doug Henderson, while in high school….

Plenty of Stewarts on today’s list as well with Jason, Aaron, Stan, Seth, Payne, Martha and more…

Mr. McCallister needs to open a deli and our day would be complete…..