Sh-Sh-Sh-Sh-SHOCKER:Mercer 78, DUKE 71:Mercy, Mercy MERCER!!!

This may make everyone’s brackets go KA-PUT:
Mercer 78

The #14 seed Mercer has beaten the 3rd seeded Blue Devils…

Mercy, mercy, mercy me, things ‘aint what they used to be in the ACC…D-U-K-E Duke done in Round One…..

Mercy, mercy….MERCER!!!!!

Will Jabari Parker come back next season?????

One thought on “Sh-Sh-Sh-Sh-SHOCKER:Mercer 78, DUKE 71:Mercy, Mercy MERCER!!!

  1. Hey North Carolina Central is still in it while Duke is gone! Our their any recruits out there that wants to come to NCCU?

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