Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball/Softball Tonight Playoff Edition:NWG, WF, WCD, RC, AC baseball, SWG, NWG, NG, DC, HPCA softball WINNERS

*****Anyone seen anything on Page, NG, NEG???*****
+++++Got word that the three above will all be playing on Wednesday night….+++++
One of the top baseball games tonight:West Forsyth 3, Grimsley 2….See details below…
Softball Finals:Southwest Guilford 11, Charlotte Independence 9….SWG Cowgirls move on to Round Two…Northwest Guilford 7, WS Reagan 1….NWG on to Round Two…West Forsyth 4, Page 0….Was still in progress….Northern Guilford 1, Northwood 0….NG moves on to Round Two…Davie County 4, Southeast Guilford 3….High Point Christian Academy 5, Metrolina 3
Baseball Finals:
Northwest Guilford 6, North Davidson 3….Charlotte Independence 1, Ragsdale 0….Alexander Central 9, East Forsyth 2…Westchester Country Day 12, Parrott Academy 2….WCD will go for the NCISAA State Title this coming weekend..Ledford 5, Terry Sanford 3Myers Park 5, Glenn 2….Rockingham County 13, Chapel Hill 6

West Forsyth 3, Grimsley 2
WP:Michael Bates
LP:Zack Labranche
Grimsley led early 2-0, but West Forsyth battled back behind the HR from Tripp Shelton and two more runs and the Titans made the one-run lead stand up…Good pitching duel with Bates and Labranche…Bates struck out 12 Whirlies and Labranche gave up just the 3 runs on 7 hits and had 5 K’s…Labranche went 6 2/3’s and Luke Madden came on to the last out in the top of the 7th Inning…Bates went the distance for West Forsyth….
More will follow….
Grimsley offense with Whirlies at the plate:
Jake Simpson 1-2/HBP/Run
Sam Chafin BB/Run
Kyle Smith 1-3/Double
Cameron Peters 1-2/Two-run Double/2 RBI/BB
Clark Yow 1-3

West Forsyth offense with Titans at the plate:
Tripp Shelton 2-4/HR/Double/Run
Pennington 1-4/Run
Bandy Vanderblat 1-3/BB
Zack French 2-4/RBI/Run
Sanders 0-2/BB
Alex Safer 0-2/BB
Nick Foils 1-1/Triple
*****West Forsyth moves on to Round Two of the playoffs and the Whirlies’ season is done….Great progress made by Coach Chris Eggers and his baseball team at Grimsley this 2014 season.*****


  1. Westchester CDS beats Arendell Parrott 12-2 and they advance to the best of three state championship serie in Fayetteville this weekend.

  2. Feel bad for my tigers. The team pitched and played defense as good as anyone. Just can’t hit. Please hire a hitting coach. Great defense and great pitching. I would not have been surprised to see them win this game. With Horkey on the mound they can play wht anyone. Kid can flat out compete. Two of the three legs are there. Get hitting help please. Congrats to the team. They gave a great effort.

  3. Horkey pitched a great game tonight. Gave up five hits, one a bunt single, only one for extra bases. Both teams pitched well. Both only got one man to third base. Difference was Indy got there’s to home, Ragsdale didn’t.

    Never seen a team go so cold from the plate for such an extended period of time. It’s almost like watching the Braves try to score.

  4. Didn’t hit all year. And go tigers there is not a hitting coach needed. Hitters are needed. Tigers have always hit ……Brandenburg, Mullins, fultz, carter, Wallace, whited, hicks,….list goes on and on of hitters who were good hitters there and went on to be good college hitters as we’ll. did the coaches just forget how to teach hitting the last few years?

  5. Greenville Rose 6 South View 3
    DH Conley 7 Jack Britt 6
    New Hanover 1 New Bern 0
    Harnett Central 9 Fuquay Varina 3
    Hoggard 5 Lumberton 1
    NW Guilford 6 North Davidson 3
    Cape Fear 4 Holly Springs 3
    Forestview 2 AC Reynolds 1
    Heritage 5 Riverside 4
    Apex 5 Clayton 2
    Green Hope 5 Broughton 0
    West Forsyth 3 Grimsley 2
    Independence 1 Ragsdale 0
    RJ Reynolds 11 Butler 6
    Panther Creek 4 Garner 0
    Myers Park 5 Glenn 2
    Richmond 6 West Johnston 3
    Alexander Central 9 East Forsyth 2
    Pinecrest 7 Ashley 6 (9 Innings)
    Wilson Fike 9 Eastern Wayne 3
    Northern Nash 13 South Brunswick 6
    Rockingham County 13 Chapel Hill 6
    Wilson Hunt 7 Northwood 3
    Marvin Ridge 6 South Point 5
    South Johnston 3 Northern Vance 0
    Grays Creek 5 Triton 3
    Southern Wayne 1 Jacksonville 0
    Weddington 4 Hibriten 3
    Ledford 5 Terry Sanford 3

  6. Tigers..,
    Interesting you mention these past players(coach???). Most of these players hit under Bradford and All went to Al at GBC for lessons..Also know names from the past 5 years?? When did Bradford leave? Take Responsibility….

  7. Always funny when I see misguided parents writing these posts behind some screen name. When my kid played and he stunk it up on the field I was honest with him about it. I didn’t blame it on the coaches or the hitting instructors or the team….I told him to go make himself better. Spend more time in the batting cage. Study good hitters. Practice more. and then Practice again. Stop whining about your kid’s coaches and be real about your kids abilities. Most of the time it’s just that your kid stunk it up at the wrong time.

  8. Time to move on from the Ragsdale talk and time to hit the next round…TigerFan made some good points…Got to take responsibility and quit laying it on the coaches…

    Coaches have a tough job and you need to let them do it or otherwise, just start your own team…

    Any way time to move forward…The work you do today is going to help you tomorrow and many times the only one who knows you are doing it is you…

    Keep working on your game…That is what will solve your problems…

  9. You get paid you take the HEAT or quit!!!!! Then people say they don’t get paid much, that’s like telling my 16 yr old you only make min wage the job you do doesn’t matter. Next it’s for the kids then do it for free

  10. It is definitely the responsibility of the kids, always has been. Kids need to do what is needed to improve their skills. I have always said if you are waiting on your coach then you are backing up. Most of the ones that do play beyond high school, though not all.. Which is what many of the kids did that Tigers mentioned. All but one was either with the elite jamestown jaguars team or they worked with local instructors.

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