Scores from the Twitterverse – Tuesday – May 13, 2014

Update #3 – 9:39 PM

Boys Baseball
Grimsley 2 West Forsyth 3
Myers Park 5 Glenn 2
Northwest Guilford 6 North Davidson 3

Boys Lacrosse
Northwest Guilford 13 Page 7

Girls Softball
Northwest Guilford 7 Reagan 1. WP-G Staunton (2 hitter), LP-K Doran.
West Forsyth 10 Page 0. WP: Vaughn LP: Lewis
High Point Christian 5 Metrolina Christian Academy 3

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  1. Poor kids? How about poor coaches! I have been watching Ragsdale all my life an I have never seen so many single digit pitch innings by an opposing pitcher. Give me a break….so you are saying just go throw money at the problem by going to A’s? By the way “M” has over 300 wins as a coach….must have been really lucky all those years. Foltz, Mullins, Baker, Hicks……and the list goes on and on. All good hitters coming from the same coaching. Oh yeah let me keep going Goodwin, Carter, Wallace….when should I stop?

  2. Lessons aren’t the problem…..drinking the .234 Kool-Aid is the problem……

  3. I’m sure Ty Cobb and Ted Williams must have had tons of hitting lessons growing up. You parents are hilarious. If being a great hitter was about lessons, then everyone in the country would play DI baseball…..and thank god I’m not a head coach in high school. Working your butt off to have a bunch of folks with no knowledge bash you regularly doesn’t sound very rewarding to me.

  4. Time to move on from last night’s games and take a look at what’s happening today/tonight…..

    Moving day and time to get moving….

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