The Blue and White of Northeast Guilford will be missing a Blue:Coach David Blue leaving the Rams

The word in he used to play football for the Red and White at Page High School and then he went to work as a teacher and a coach for the Blue and White at Northeast Guilford High School….(Appalachian State University graduate)

Saw the word in the News and Record on Sunday night and that was the first word that I got, pertaining to news of the end of the line for Coach David Blue, at NEG.

Blue is leaving the Rams and who knew that Blue was through??? Had no idea the long-time Track and cross country coach might be hanging it up….

Blue did well….

He had numerous Coach of the Year honors and his NEG Rams finished second in the NCHSAA 3-A Track and Field meet the past two seasons…

It is kind of like Blue is going out with a bang and he will take off on top and at the height of his coaching career…

Notable notes on ole’ Blue….He had the chance to coach both his son and daughter while they were at Northeast and both of his children went on to run while in college…

Blue’s daughter Liana is currently coaching track and cross country at Page High School, or at least she has been in recent years…..These days they can work out deals where you can teach at one school and coach at another and sometimes that turns out to be the deal….

In the past couple of years Coach David Blue has had some very fast track men at NEG, with DeAndre and LeAndre McGill becoming two of the fastest males in the state…..All of the sudden Northeast was on the track map and they had hit their stride, as they came to the Mile Split….

Blue put in a lot of time and effort over the years and joins the ranks of men like John Primm, Tommy Pursley and David Lawing that helped keep Northeast Guilford High School among the top community schools in the state of North Carolina…

Gone in just the past couple of years,
David Blue
Tommy Pursley
David Lawing
John Primm….

Time to be building for the future, because so many of the good ones are now long gone……..

We wish Coach Blue the best in his retirement and it just might be time for the ‘Ole Blue’ to start slowing down….He has been running at such a fast/quick clip for the past 32 years, that it is time to let David Blue do what he needs to do, and slow down….

Our best to one of the best in the history of the Guilford County Schools, Coach David Blue, this one is for you:

Enjoy Your New Road to Success…..

*****You may be asking, “What’s Blue going to do?”….(Whatever he wants to/why not something new, Blue has paid his dues….Blue went 32…)*****


  1. Thanks Andy for the kind words. Your site does much to promote local sports and it is something worth looking at daily.

  2. Some say we are #1, but we are not done, still looking to have some fun….Got to keep it coming…

    Keep it going Coach Blue until 2022…..

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