Time to get in some names so we can vote on Baseball/Softball Awards

Time to get us some names, so we can our Players of the Year, Coach of the Year, Top Umpire and other awards on the ballot and we hope to begin the voting on Wednesday…

We gave you a bunch of names to think about here at the site last week and now send me your names for:

Crown Trophy
Guilford County Top Baseball Player
Guilford County Top Softball Player
Baseball Coach of the Year
Softball Coach of the Year
Private School Baseball Player of the Year(Almost forgot this one.)
Top Baseball Player outside Guilford County
Top Umpire of the Year
Top PA Announcer of the Year

We will taking these nominations by way of E-mail only and we hope to start the vote on Wednesday afternoon and we’re looking to keep it at one vote per person, on this voting system….

E-Mail me those nominations to andy@greensborosports.com…

It is that easy, send to andy@greensborosports.com…..

Hope to get five nominees per category on the ballots…

Send in by Noon on Wednesday…..E-mail to andy@greensborosports.com…


  1. As most of you know I had no dog in the fight this year so almost without bias I submit Chris Eggers as coach of the year in the Metro. To look at how this team with no huge superstars completely turned this season around to become conference tourney champs is amazing. A lot of this goes to the work ethic and convincing the school to play over spring break.

    If you are honest you must agree.

  2. Here’s the link to NC State Games HS Baseball tourney starting in a few weeks. Region 5 roster below. Not sure of all schools but filled in what I know.

    Reid Holmes – SW Guilford HS

    Region 5
    DJ Artis – SE
    E. Reese
    Brandon Riley-Williams
    B. Gorham
    T. Sugg
    Cole Aker – NW
    J. Snow
    Nate Blakeney
    Justen Olczak – Wesleyan
    R. Stanley
    L. Welch
    J. Hudson
    Carter Williams- NE
    J. Washer
    Kevin Bell – NG
    Blake Deatherage WA
    C. Trejo
    Z. McLean
    Luke Robinson – Eastern
    Seth Hardin – PG

  3. Eggers or Farrar at Dudley would be my choice. Dudley had many injuries all year but found a way to compete and win this year. Like you Gfan I do not have a dog in this fight but Dudley and Grimsley both are deserving.

  4. My Vote for baseball coach of the year is Jeff Carter of Southern Guilford. Let team to a 23-4 record, one of best in school history and an undefeated conference record of 12-0 and won the conference tournament as well. Hard to run the table in baseball b/c so many teams have at least 1 good pitcher they can throw. Jeff has done a great job with the storm and should be the coach of the year in the area with what he has done leading the storm.

    Great Job Coach Carter

  5. Region 5
    DJ Artis – Southeast Guilford
    E. Reese – North Davidson
    Brandon Riley-Williams
    B. Gorham -Western Alamance
    T. Sugg – Southern Guilford
    Cole Aker – Northwest Guilford
    J. Snow – West Stokes ?
    Nate Blakeney – Westchester
    Justen Olczak – Wesleyan
    R. Stanley – Southeast Guilford
    L. Welch – RJ Reynolds
    J. Hudson ?
    Carter Williams- Northeast Guilford
    J. Washer – West Stokes
    Kevin Bell – Northern Guilford
    Blake Deatherage Western Alamance
    C. Trejo -Ragsdale
    Z. McLean – High Point Christian
    Luke Robinson – Eastern Guilford
    Seth Hardin – Providence Grove

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