Rashad McCants says ‘Paper Classes’ kept him eligible at UNC and he made the Dean’s List without even going to class

Some very strong accusations by former Tar Heel basketball player Rashad McCants, saying “Paper Classes’ are they only thing that kept him eligible at North Carolina and the paper classes are where you only have to write a paper to pass the class and McCants says tutors wrote all the papers for him and he never went to class at all and he still made the Dean’s List at UNC in the Spring of 2005, the same year that North Carolina won the NCAA National Basketball Championship….

McCants says coach Roy Williams knew all about everything that was going on and McCants will be on ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines Show’ today/Friday at 3pm to talk more about this…

If all of this is true and McCants is saying it went on all over the athletic workplace at North Carolina, then there will be a major explosion coming soon after more of this gets out…..

Having seen and heard coach Roy Williams over the years, the juror is still and Coach Williams is innocent until proven guilty of these charges….McCants is a very disgruntled former college student/college basketball player and he is a former student, at least on the surface and we will have to wait and see if his allegations have teeth and much those teeth will cut, when it comes to the system at UNC-Chapel Hill….Will the ‘Carolina Way’ continue to be the way things are done and they have been doing things the wrong way and covering it up??? We are about to soon find out and I still put a lot of stock in the integrity of Coach Williams and have been impressed with his work over the years…We are going to learn a lot about this case in the days ahead….

Got any thoughts on this one and maybe you will when you read this….

from www.espn.com:
Rashad McCants told “Outside the Lines” that he even made the Dean’s List in Spring 2005 despite not attending any of his four classes for which he received straight-A grades. He said advisers and tutors who worked with the basketball program steered him to take the paper classes within the African-American Studies program.

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8 thoughts on “Rashad McCants says ‘Paper Classes’ kept him eligible at UNC and he made the Dean’s List without even going to class

  1. As a Carolina Fan I’m sure some of this may be true and would bet it goes on at the majority of college programs across the nation. Rashad must have lost all his $ and now is looking for ways to support himself. Did he get paid for the interview?

    I have a friend who once had ties to the LSU basketball program and he told me the same type of thing happend all the time. Most players only have one thing on their mind – NBA and if it doesnt pan out they have nothing to fall back on as they didnt take school seriously. Is it the schools fault, maybe, is it the players fault, mostly!

  2. Rashad makes great money playing in Brazil right now. I have a connection to his agent. Doesn’t need money. Just telling the truth.

  3. As a college student (athlete or not) you get out of your college experience what you put into it. If you want help, want to cheat, or just be lazy that is up to you. If you want to do the work and get something out of your degree that is up to you too.

    At every university on the planet (athlete or not) you can choose either path. You can do it at UNC. You can do it at Harvard. You can do it at Guilford Tech.

    The problem is when you choose the easy route and then try and blame the university and its support system. There is a reason this kid had more God given talent than anyone in America and never played in the NBA.

  4. Why are we spending time talking about this bum for. If it is important to him now, why did he not speak up about it then. Back then he did not care , but all of a sudden he cares. What a loser.

    By the way, this should not cast any bad shadow on African-American Studies program. Maybe they should replace the current AFAM studies chair with Olen Cole from NCA&T, this guy was a good professor.

    McCants was a loser then, and he is a loser now.

  5. hey now boyyyyy. carolina cheats. its always happened. they got caught. pay the price and stop running from the truth. i wouldnt be surprised to see jordan come out and say he took the classes too. lol. that would be funny.

  6. We should just move on since UNC has got reforms in place to prevent this from happening again. We should also just move on and not suspend the high school kid caught with weed and selling it because like Carolina,he has reforms in place to prevent his ever doing it again.

  7. I agree with Edi above. I am so sick of all these UNC fans who have ridden NCSU and Clemson for having dirty programs FOR YEARS while UNC was perfect in every way.

    Then when your pants are around your ankles it is all good cause everybody does it. If that BS were true then the NCAA would be knocking on a few more doors I do believe.

    Start getting used to the stench that is UNC athletics UNC fans. It smells worse every day.

  8. UNC fans have used the “Everybody does it” excuse ever since 2010 when Marvin 1st tweeted to boast of his impermissible benefits he received.

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