Couch and McClain say “no pain”, “no gain”: Time to jump on the ‘Baseball Train”, as they hit the ‘Fast Lane’ with SEG feeder team

Southeast Middle School / High School Baseball Feeder Team to Start led by Mike McClain and Mark Couch….

New program led former professional baseball player Mike McClain hopes to suck in the talent like a drain and some say he might be insane, but this man McClain(No relation to Denny, but both were pitchers), some say Mike McClain is a baseball nut and he is out to prove them CORRECT….

McClain has worked with 100’s of SEG Guilford community kids over the years and now he is taking his expertise and he is extending it to a newfound level….Mike McClain, along with Mark Couch, are starting a feeder baseball program for the Southeast Middle and Southeast Guilford High Schools…

McClain rose as high as the Triple A level in professional baseball and was MVP at that level at least two times and now he wants to share that wealth of experience and knowledge with the young kids in the Southeast Guilford community…McClain is determined to make sure the kids are ready to play and that they know the game of baseball, by the time they reach SEG Middle School….

We have told you all we know by way of the SEG Baseball Grapevine and here is what they are saying about McClain’s efforts down around Highway 421 South headed toward SEG Middle School and SEG High School…(per SEG Junior Legion Boosters Club)

With all the baseball talent in the southeast region of Guilford County, it is surprising that there isn’t one program designed to get the kids in the Southeast Guilford Middle school and high school district together at a early age and prepare them for playing baseball TOGETHER at those levels. Residents Mike McClain and Mark Couch are putting together a 12U team designed to do just that.

Mike McClain played for six years in the minors at the AAA level. He has coached several of the Southeast area kids helping many to go on to play in college and have a shot at Major League baseball. He helped Kevin Callahan with his pitching staff at Southeast reach the NCHSAA finals twice.

Coach Mark Couch has coached for over ten years in the youth leagues at Pleasant Garden Community Center. Both men are excited about developing young players to be the best that they can be. Gonna be hard to catch Coach McClain, he’s been known to play in the rain and he will go all day long, so be sure to call Coach Couch with the info provided by the SEG Junior Legion Boosters Club….

Interested parents and players should contact Mark Couch at 336 420 – 2833 .

One thought on “Couch and McClain say “no pain”, “no gain”: Time to jump on the ‘Baseball Train”, as they hit the ‘Fast Lane’ with SEG feeder team

  1. Mike McClain was a heck of a player and is one of the best baseball instructors in the area. Several of the kids who left Southeast HS and went on to play at the next level owe Mike McClain– Just ask Dallas Newton — UNC now with Arizona Diamondbacks . The number of athletes Mike has helped are to many to mention here.
    With Mike starting these kids early it can omly make us stronger. We have had a JR American Legion program at SEG for the past five years. Mike’s feeder program will bring SEG to the Championship level. Mike is Right– The kids need to play TOGETHER to learn how to WIN AS A TEAM.

    Charlie Pannell

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