No guessing, Gehsmann #1 in his class and #1 on the football field for the Western Guilford Hornets

There is no doubt about it, Kevin Gehsmann is #1 in his class academically at Western Guilford High School and he is #1 on the football field too….At least he shows the #1 on the back of his Hornets’ jersey and he runs the ball and catches the ball and scored 4 TD’s last Friday night, then he lined up the ball and kicked the extra points and then after the PAT’s he jogged up the field and handled the kickoff duties and he does the punting duties too and then after he kicks the ball to the other teams, he assumes his linebacker position and gets ready to lead the Western Guilford defense….

A busy young man and you learn more about him when you CLICK HERE for Joe Sirera at the News and Record and his one-on-one with WG senior Kevin Gehsmann…We had Gehsmann on our Football in Focus Show last season and I’m just guessing here, but we will probably see Gehsmann over at Shane’s Rib Shack again this Fall….We used to always see the Stadnik brothers from WG at Shane’s, even in the off-season…..

Click On the link and what you think about KG from WG……


  1. And everything you named is the reason Western won’t be a winning team Kevin is a great young man but they over use him you can find a kicker from the soccer team and Andy your right he a busy young man but how about talking about hoe Dashawn Taylor almost lead them back the problem is Everyone wants to make this team all about Kevin maybe if they played and treated it as a team instead of the KG show maybe things will change at Western

  2. Maybe Western can finally beat NW Guilford again behind Gehsmann. Big rivalry game this week at Western! NW doesn’t seem to be as dominant as last year!

    Western 17
    NW 14

  3. NW has crushed WG for 6 years. With NW ditching the Wing-T and 34 it is WGs year. They never could stop the Wing (never real disciplined). They never could figure out the defense. Last year NW had like 3 pick sixes in the first quarter. NW running the spread plays right into teams like WGs hands

    WG 21 NW 13

  4. The big push was Kevin G. since he got the pop in the newspaper and trying to get him the extra headline here…

    D. Taylor did a very good job last Friday night and we had him our Saturday morning feature…

  5. Glad Western is confident going into this week! Considering the game has been over before halftime the last few years you might not want to talk to much junk…..

  6. @ wow,

    Only reason NW beat western is the Wing t and our team not knowing how to shut it down. We have better athlete’s and can hold our own against NW and their new Spread offense. NW also lost too many athlete’s from last year but the biggest loss is the Head Coach. Nobody got more out of his guys than Woodruff. 3 conference titles and not one D1 player in all those years. He was a special coach and it will take a few years to get nw good at this new offense.

    Western wins!!!!!

  7. I disagree that’s not the only reason they beat Western @trust me Western was out coached flat out the Western team 2 years ago was a better all around team then NW but when you continue to run the same plays since 2003 and refuse to change you lose

  8. @ coach j,

    I just said that! NW head coach was the x factor. With him gone and NW being down on athlete’s NW loses at Western! Gehsmann has a huge game this week again.

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