Football in Focus at Shane’s Rib Shack:Doug Henderson, Chris Kile and WG players with us on Thursday night

We look to get started tonight at around 6pm with Doug Henderson Jr. and Coach Chris Kile among our guests…We also look to have members of the Western Guilford football team join us tonight at Shane’s….

They have the big Doug Henderson Stadium ceremony going on tomorrow night at Western Guilford and we plan to be there for that and we will have Doug Henderson Jr. on hand this evening to talk about that upcoming event and we will look back at some of history, that made all of this naming of the stadium, in honor of Coach Doug Henderson, a reality….Lots of wins, a state championship and many a young man that came through that program at WG and then left out in better shape, fit for a life, after having played for Coach Doug Henderson….Doug Henderson Jr. was there and he saw it all and he will share his memories of the trips down Friendway Drive, with us this evening, at Shane’s Rib Shack….

Coach Chris Kile, from Southeast Guilford HS will be with us at around 7pm and his story is one of victory over an opponent that can take you down and take away your entire human being status…Coach Kile has been in a battle with Cancer and it has left its mark on him, but nothing can compare to mark and the impact Coach Kile has had during his time at Southeast Guilford High School…We will talk about his battle versus Cancer, his will to win the battle and in turn the War and his will to continue to coach and work with the young men and other students at Southeast Guilford, as he faced and fought Cancer each and every day….The will to live, the desire to develop Winners, that is where we will go with this tonight….

Also looking to have some of the Western Guilford football players in there with us tonight and will know more about that as we hit Shane’s at six o’clock…WG Hornet players will include:
Tevin Evans
Kevin Gehsmann
Ryjaan Glover
Keenen Stevens

Best ribs, chicken and BBQ in town and it will be time to lay it all down, at Shane’s Rib Shack on this Thursday….Vegetables, desserts, and good tea too and it is just right for you, at Shane’s…..Ribs, BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken, BBQ, Chicken Wings, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Salad, Salads, Salad Greens and more, at Shane’s….


  1. Coach Chris Kile, What a great testimony! You are an inspiration! I tuned in to hear about Western Guilford and am glad I stayed on. Keep the faith brother! God is using you!

  2. Excellent job tonight at Shane’s by Coach Kile, Doug Henderson Jr. and the WG Hornets….

    Coach Kile and his wife/family are a great testimony for the kids out there today….Strong faith and a rock-solid foundation….

    It has been tough, but Coach Kile is a fighter and he is out to win/finish the fight…

    Lots of good memories of Coach Doug Henderson this eveving and his son did not fall from the tree…Good roots here/there….

  3. And let’s make sure we don’t forget Ariel from Shane’s…She can talk the talk and walk the walk….

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