High School Football Games coming up this Friday night

Northern Guilford(5-0) at Eastern Alamance(6-0)
Smith(1-4) at Southern Vance(0-5)
Southeast(4-1) Guilford at Salisbury(1-4)
Western Guilford(2-4) at Southern Guilford(6-0)
Morehead(3-3) at Eastern Guilford(4-1)
McMichael(1-5) at Northeast Guilford(0-5)
High Point Christian(5-0) at Metrolina(4-1)

All other Guilford County teams OPEN this week…


  1. NG/EA NG (Worth the price of admission will be close)
    BLS/SV BLS (Eagles fly near the border)
    SEG/S SEG (Sal. not what they used to be)
    WG/SG SG (SG big Reggie, Reggie, Reggie)
    MM/NEG NEG (For old time sakes)
    HPC/Met HPC (I work in HP)

    On a serious note, hats off to the SWG coaching staff. We (SEG) won Friday but it was not as easy in the past. SWG was/is well coached and it appears that their program is turning around. This team is very big and atheletic. My son (Bubbabomb.com) was beat up a little and said this was the biggest team he’s faced in a while. Bright future for SWG.

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