Joseph Reynolds joins the team at Gene’s Barber Shop:All-Star lineup where everybody makes the cut


and now Joseph has joined the team at Gene’s Barber Shop, on Spring Garden Street …. Joseph Reynolds is ready to cut/trim/style your hair and Joe can make it go the way you want it to, with a new do or the same cut/clip you have been getting all season long….Joseph Reynolds is now on the First-Team at Gene’s Barber Shop and Joe has 20 years experience plus you may remember Joe Reynolds from his time on the front line, at the M&T Barber Shop on Battleground….

Joe wants to let all of his old/former customers know where to go, now that he has settled in at Gene’s Barber Shop, 2412 Spring Garden Street, just across the street on Spring Garden from the Burger Spot and Fat Doggs….

You’ll know when you go and the new man on the team that you need to see when you go is Joe….Old customers and new ones, you need to get to know Joe….Then you can say, “I know Joe”, at Gene’s Barber Shop on Spring Garden Street…..

Joseph Reynolds, no relation to Jack ‘Hacksaw’ Reynolds who used to play/cut for the L.A. Rams, this Reynolds is ready to cut, but it will be a smooth cut/trim from him and he will have you up and back out on the street in no time at all….

The top cut in town is going down with Joseph Reynolds, now at Gene’s Barber Shop on Spring Garden Street….Get to know Joe and when you go, say hello to Jimmy, Frank, Ben and John and get on the team, where everybody gets a fair cut……

Gene’s Barber Shop:2412 Spring Garden Street and you can 299-8669 to set up an appointment…..Broadway Joe might be a ‘no show’, but Joe Reynolds is waiting on you to give him a call at 299-8669 …. He has been in the clean-cut league for 20 years and this man can make the cut and his work will get you back in/on the starting lineup/First-Team……