Middle School Football Scoreboard for 10/8/14 with the Finals

*****Anybody got this score???:Northwest Guilford at Southwest Guilford*****
Eastern Guilford 34
Northern Guilford 6

Guilford Middle 12
Kiser 6

Jamestown 43
Kernolde 12

Hairston 30
Lincoln 0

Northeast Guilford 32
Southern 20

Mendenhall 16
Southeast Guilford 8

5:23 1st Quarter, SEG scores first on an 8 yard pass play from Ryan Douglas to Josh Davis and then the two-point conversion was successful with a pass from Douglas to Thunder Levy and at that point, 8-0 SEG and that lead stood all the way through the first half and the SEG Falcons led at halftime 8-0 over the Mendenhall Mustangs…

Mendenhall made their run in the 4th Quarter as the two teams finished the third period with SEG still in front 8-0….In the 4th with 6:45 to go in the game, Cameron Gavin tossed a 10 yard pass for a Mustang touchdown and Gavin took the two-point conversion in to tie the contest at 8-8….Gavin’s target on the TD was Nick Butler and a good job by that young man…

It is getting late in the game and from their own 8-yard line Mendenhall takes over on first and ten after a long SEG punt and before you could get settled in for long game-winning drive attempt, Mendenhall’s Justin Iverson takes off and he goes all the way to the end zone on the other end of the field and there were no flags on the long run of 92 yards and Mendenhall goes on top 14-8 with just 1:37 left in the game….Iverson ran the ball in for the two-point conversion and that is how this game will end, Mendenhall battles back to beat Southeast Guilford, 16-8….A big character check for the Mustangs today and they passed the test and came out on top in this Middle School thriller from Deebs Young Stadium, at Mendenhall Middle School….

*****Other games going on today.*****
Northwest Guilford at Southwest Guilford 5:30pm
*****Can anybody get us a listing of the records for all of teams here??? Would be nice to know how it all stacks up and how many Unbeatens we have remaining….Thinking Jametown and SWG are still Unbeaten, maybe EG and maybe more….*****

A few video cuts from the SEG-Mendenhall game for tonight and many more coming on a separate page on Thursday…


  1. The kid that caught the touchdown pass from cam Gavin of Mendenhall is Nick Butler.

  2. Eastern game had 2 Northern starters taken to hospital in ambulances and 2 more with game ending injuries.

  3. The PA announcer at Mendenhall was calling out a Nick Butler’s name on Wednesday and the EMT’s had to come to Mendenhall and hope it was not anything serious and the same can be said for NG and EG players, hope they are OK this morning…

  4. Whats with the way you have Northeast Guilford Beats Southern? Looks a little weird.

  5. Yes, Northeast beats Southern was a quick cut and paste from the comment box…We/I do a lot of transfer of info from one source/box to another and sometimes on the fly….THANKS for the notice and we have it now at correct read, we hope…Thanks again…We are on the move…

  6. @nighthawk:
    hope all 4 young men make very quick recoveries, especially the 2 that went to the hospital.

  7. @TimHolleman
    thanks.. One is still at hospital.. i feel with better officiating allot of the injuries could have been prevented
    They let ALLOT of extra stuff go on after whistle was blown/

  8. A good way to help prevent these injuries is to have the middle school teams start practicing in early August. High Schools do it, Pop Warner does, even the Greensboro Parks & Rec Youth starts in August. These kids are thrown onto the field with only one week of full contact before they start playing. I think if you start earlier, allow for natural progression into hitting, and give the opportunities and time for for coaches to teach proper hitting…these injuries would go down.

  9. Wear Pink to Kiser’s game next Monday vs. Lincoln…..

    The Kiser boys raised money over the past month for Breast Cancer Awareness and in turn, they earned the right to wear pink accessories for this Monday’s upcoming game at home vs Lincoln Middle.

    This will be a Pink Game and they want everyone who attends to wear something pink as well….

    WEAR PINK next Monday to the Kiser-Lincoln game at Grimsley and should kickoff around 5pm….

    from Kiser release…..

  10. If you don’t want your kid getting hurt, tell him to go play soccer

  11. @Tired of Northern double standards
    This has nothing to do with not wanting to get hurt..
    All 3 of my sons play football.. This has to do with cheap shots.. I was at the game on the sideline. so maybe you do not know what you are talking about when it comes to Northern

  12. Please look at the film and if you see any cheap shots taken by Eastern players please let me know.

  13. @wildcat
    i hope we are able to… i saw enough from the sidelines.the refs should have stopped it from the 1st quarter on..

    I’m an eastern graduate so i’m not here to bash just to look after my kids

  14. Funny how things seem when one wears purple shaded glasses. This is a new one… a northern supporter complaining about referee’s calls. Could it be it wasn’t so much the referee’s as it was the fact that the wildcats absolutely manhandled you. Like someone else said, play soccer. Better yet just play golf.

  15. Again no glasses are on
    I was on the field.
    We’re you… Don’t speak on our kids
    Yes. You won… But you had help if you need to talk about this
    I can pass my# to you
    Again I went to Eastern
    But what I saw crap
    Pick your battles unless you know diffe
    I’m done

  16. I was there too and watched the entire game. I am not speaking on the kids, merely responding to your complaints about the referees. Yes we won, but it was not because of the officiating and I don’t need to talk to you about that subject, thus I don’t need your number. OK, you went to EG, so did I. It appears you saw what you wanted to see. Don’t know what you mean about “picking my battles”… oh well. Glad you are done – good thing there is another game next week. We all need to move on. Honestly, good luck to you and your team. Here’s hoping for speedy recoveries to all of the injured players! Peace!

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