Whatever happened to Regional College Football and the Carolina Panthers’ defense stinks(Going back to the “Real Days of College Football”/Panthers when they still played ‘D’)

Whatever happened to those days of regional college football??? There was a time when college football was lot like professional wrestling and you had the territories or regions, and that is how you followed College Football….

There was a time and you hate to say back in the day, because it seems like only yesterday, but you had the Northeast Region with teams like Penn State and Pittsburgh and that was about it for up there…..

You had the Mid-Atlantic/ACC Region with our ACC teams that were good at time such as Maryland, North Carolina, N.C. State and really that was about it….Virginia was terrible, Clemson was not really all that good, Duke was just Duke, prior the Cutcliffe-era and Wake Forest was usually gonna be close to a guaranteed (0-10)….

You had the South Region with Alabama and Auburn and maybe Georgia might do something if a kid named Walker came through Athens, but other than that, is was Crimson Tide and the War Eagles/Tigers(Auburn)…..

Three of the best teams in the nation came out of the Mid-West/Southwest Region and they were Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas….

The Central Region was comprised of Ohio State and Michigan and there you have it and WAY out West you heard about Southern Cal and sometimes UCLA, but the Bruins still were more of a basketball school during the “Real Days of College Football”…..

There you go, those were your teams….Guys like Ohio State, Penn State, Alabama, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, Southern Cal, add in Auburn and one of the ACC teams, like possibly a Maryland in that Jerry Claiborne time period and there’s your Top Ten and that is how the AP used to slice it each and every Monday….You had the Associated Press Top Ten…..

Seroquel buy on line This is how was and how it remained for many years during the “Real Days of College Football”……..

Back in the “Real Days of College Football”, there was no Oregon, Mississippi, Baylor, Florida, Florida State was still just a pup, Tennessee had too many ups and downs, you never heard anything out of the Washingtons and Washington States, Texas A&M was still looking for their ‘Main M’, Missouri was waiting for somebody to show them the way to practice field, West Virginia and Virginia Tech were finally starting to wake up, but it would still take a while and on you go….Even Georgia Tech was trying to find the salt to go with their Pepper Rogers and Bobby Ross was still years away….

We/I could go on about this all day long, but that’s the way it was back in the http://patayersdenver.com/wp-content/plugins/contus-hd-flv-player/uploadVideo.php “Real Days of College Football”……

*****And was it just me, or did the Carolina Panthers just flat out stink in all phases of their defensive game on Sunday at Cincinnati??? The Panthers were getting eaten alive by the Bengals offense and also by the Bengals’ return teams….

Big plays by the Bengals offense and by their run units on returns, nearly buried the Panthers on Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium….What is wrong with that Panther defense???

The Panthers are a shell of themselves, when you look at what they did when they lined up on defense in 2013….This team is just giving up way too many chunks of yards and you look up and there goes another pass completion by Andy Dalton yesterday and more by Jay Cutler the week before….

Yuzhnyy What in the Sam Mills is going with that Panthers’ defense??? If they continue to play like this they are going be lucky to even come up with a TIE on Sundays……*****


  1. Another good team to add this overall group from back in the day would be Notre Dame….Notre Dame was dominant, they disappeared and the ‘Fighting Irish’ are back….

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