Looking back at New Year’s Day/New Year’s Eve memories:The 1320 WCOG Top 100 Countdown was huge back in the 60’s and 70’s(Bold Bowl Predictions)

Was thinking back last to what was big on the New Year’s Eve memory list and there was not much that I could really say stirred the cockels of my heart or mused the mess up in my brain cells department, but then it hit me like a “Blast from the Past”…..

The 1320 WCOG Top 100 Countdown used to be a big/huge deal in the 60’s and 70’s and that would get kids listening to the radio and they would try and see if they could stay up all night long and be around when they played that #1 song from 1969, or whatever the year was….

They may be at the #19 tune at around 1:00am and you tell yourself, “I can stick with this, I can make it”, but then you fall to sleep right before they cracked the Top 10….

So many songs and tunes from the past and if you were a teen or pre-teen, you were zoned in to what was happening with that local radio station/local entertainment outlet…

That Top 100 countdown was big, really big, and if you missed it the first time through, then you could listen back when they hit the Top 100 a second time over the New Year’s Day weekend/week…..

Sometimes you may never catch that #1 song for the year of 1969 and then you might start humming “Oh What A Night, Late December Back in ’63”, what just a minute Frankie that was ’69 we were hunting for, and talking about here today….And we haven’t had that feeling here since ’69, or was it ’75 or ’77 or maybe just whatever, but believe me, that 1320 WCOG Top 100 Countdown was a Big Hit back in the 60’s and 70’s….

You had Dusty Dunn, Bob Dayton(now deceased), Sam “The Freight Train” Scott(deceased), Charlie Russell, Scott Derringer(deceased), Bob Shannon, John Larsh(who later on became Jack Armstrong/deceased), Steve Early, Dave Laterman, “Python” Wilson Thomas(deceased) and many other of those disc jockeys that came through there during that time…Maybe even Wes Jones and Willie Edwards may have been involved when they spun the Top 100 over to K99 FM/WRQK, but the Top 100 was never the same, unless it was on WCOG and 1320 WCOG was the king of music for the younger crowd back in that day….

Was a big fan of the Top 100 Countdown back in that time, but the New Year’s Day Bowl games never did and still today don’t really flex my interest muscles….

I have been watching football all Fall and have seen my share already and back in the day, I had been playing football all Fall and had my fill by New Year’s Day/New Year’s Eve…Back in the day I was better than half of those guys on TV any way, so I found it very hard to get excited over watching somebody else do, what I could do already and I did it better brother…

Give me something novel, show me something new…..

I don’t even like Oregon football…I will sure pull for Florida State and the ACC in that game, but not sure how much of it I will watch…Watched quite a bit of Jameis Winston and the Seinoles this past Fall and the real curiosity builder came watching Winston throwing a baseball for the Noles last Spring, in the ACC Baseball Tournament….Now that was something new…

To me Oregon is about the closest thing you can get to a foreign planet…We have nothing in common with Oregon here on the East Coast and most of us will never get within 999 miles of Oregon…They have no football history and will never have any football history in my opinion…They have bright and fancy colors on their uniforms, but does that make you an interesting football team??? NO….Do it every day brother like me and my football team have done…We hit the street this morning training, bright and early at 10:00am….No interest in Oregon whatsoever and if the win the National Title, don’t expect me to go out and buy a Duck….

I don’t care for Ohio State either…Liked them back in the day when they had Coach Woody Hayes, with Jack Tatum, Rex Stillwagon, Archie Griffin, Pete Johnson and those guys…Hayes was different…He had character, even if he did mess up character-wise a few times, you knew he was not just another one of those cookie-cutter coaches…The man and his Buckeyes made the game interesting, until the final/last whistle….

For Urban Meyer and the current crop of Ohio State Buckeyes, let me give you all I have on them….[_______]There you go, nothing…No interest whatsoever and the only people that might be really interested in this team are those that live in Columbus, Ohio and if your name is Chris/Christopher Columbus, you might come inside and check out the score at halftime….Urban Meyer is a “cookie-cutter” coach and again, unless you live in Columbus, Ohio or Columbus, Georgia, why are you on Mr. Meyer’s trail…My thoughts again on Ohio State…..[__________]There you go, nada….Lots of people loading up on hog jowells and cabbage and not too many loading up on Meyer and the Buckeyes…

On Alabama, Nick Saban is not Lou Saban, but he does carry the Crimson Tide banner/flag well and seems to have a good grip on his Alabama boys and what they need to do to win the Title….Not much on the bad back burner to say about Alabama, they are held in high esteem, even if “The Bear” is nowhere to be seen….Saban has kept this whole Alabama coaching role in perspective and he has not tried to replace the legacy of the top college football coach in the history of the game and that would be Bear Bryant….

To me Oregon is just on the other side of Pluto, Ohio State has not been the same since Woody Hayes left, Florida State is representing the ACC and the ACC offices are located in Greensboro, so we better stay close to them, but Jimbo Fisher will never be another Bobby Bowden…Those old coaches like Bowden just seemed to have a special respect for the game and the new guys like Fisher and Meyer, not so sure…..And the coach of Oregon, is it Eugene McCarthey?????

As for my Bold Bowl Predictions for today???

What channel/station/network are they on??? Looked for some games last night and nobody was showing any…Poor promotion on the part of the Bowl Committee when you don’t even know what network is showing the games…Guess we are always supposed to assume that the games will be on ESPN….Good, and that means that over half the country won’t be able to see the games….

Put the games on ABC and be done with it….You see what happened when they tried to make the NFL Network your one source outlet for pro football on Thursday nights….They had to move the games to CBS so fans would/could watch….

Better do some heavy thinking on these games and go with Florida State, otherwise ACC land will be out climbing trees and playing in the yard when the Championship Game is being shown….

NFL Play 60, let’s do it…….


  1. I remember well the top 100 countdowns. Rough to stay up that late as a kid and even rougher on me now 🙂

    I’m with you on the bowl championship. Just not all that interested. Do have to get in my daily walk however. I used to call it a run but have to start out the year being honest…it is a walk.

  2. All the football games today are on ESPN….

    What a ripoff….

    The average Joes out here in John Q. Public World can’t even see the games….

    The games should be on ABC TV….

    Bad move by ESPN….Just a ploy to get more people to sign up for cable, but I can do without it…

    Been out shooting some basketball after a run and then a walk and maybe the Carolina Panthers will find some way to be on FOX TV on Saturday….As for the colleges, the players and bowl committe went to college to get smart and came out looking stupid….

    I’m not buying their cable garbage and those that have it should call in and cancel and meet me out at the track…..

    Tom Armshaw ran the old WRQK radio station and I wonder what Tom would say about all of this….

    I don’t think you could even find the games on local ESPN radio….Maybe we should cancel the local ESPN radio and bring back the countdown with Wolfman Jack…

  3. 60,003 and we need more, because this where people come to talk about sports in Guilford County…I have been doing this sports talk thing since January 1, 1987 and it is time to stand up and roost for another year….

  4. Steve Harvey is currently on ABC/ESPN TV 45 with the Family Feud Show…..

    Lord help us….

  5. Oregon now up 52-20 in the second half….

    Guess it is time to turn our attention back toward ACC Basketball…

    College Football National Championship Game vs. ACC Basketball Tournament Championship Game with Duke vs. North Carolina???


  6. Now Oregon 59-20….ACC Hoops here we come…..

    Final 59-20 Oregon….It is really basketball season now…

  7. Have heard talk about those two WCOG personalities….Nash and Johnny C., but don’t know much about them…

    Anybody got a timeframe on them at COG???

  8. How about jimmy fulmer? bad year end for florida state and alabama-dont give up hope we still got the panthers

  9. Jimmy Fulmer was a good one too and in bad shape these days and interesting that wikipedia played up the Rick Dees or I think at one time it was the Rigdon Dees connection with WCOG….

    Need more input from those that were there with the station back in the day….Listeners can usually tell the best stories and have the most long-lasting memories….

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