The Carolina Panthers are Cam Newton’s team!!!(People don’t even talk about Steve Smith any more)[FOX 8 Panthers Special on Friday night at 7:30pm]

The title says it all….This is now Cam Newton’s team and Steve Smith is a thing of the past….

No Steve Smith and the Carolina Panthers made the playoffs…..


Yes, it really happened and the Panthers have moved on and won a divisional title without Steve Smith and they have hit their stride and they are in a very good position to win the game with the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday….

This is now Cam Newton’s team and he is the “Face of the Franchise”….

More on this one later this afternoon, but what do you think/say???

Have the Panthers put aside their past connections with Smith and has the ghost of Steve Smith been exorcised and is he gone for good and has Cam taken over and will Cam lead Carolina to a playoff victory on Saturday???

Who’s got the game? FOX???