Guilford Schools Closing Early Monday Cancels Basketball Games Because of the Guilford County Schools closing TWO HOURS early Monday, all post school activities are cancelled. That means High School Play Off Games scheduled for Monday will have to be rescheduled.

Livry-Gargan The only problem is that IF we get the snow as forecast by the local TV Stations, it will unlikely that schools will be open Tuesday, further pushing the play off schedules back. THIS IS ONLY AN ASSUMPTION; but in the desire to play it safe, the odds are good that if it snows heavily Monday night, Tuesday we’ll see the schools closed.

Don’t count your chickens yet; but we’ll have the news here as soon as it is official; but right now, only the MONDAY games are cancelled.

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  1. Too bad we don’t have access to a “Madden” like game that can simular the potential basketball game outcomes ahead of time. I thought I heard about some type of system for football a couple of years ago. Has anyone heard of one for basketball?

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