Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball Today:Championship Game with SEG vs. WES at “The Farm”

High School Baseball today and you can hear all of the games on GreensboroSports Radio beginning at 11am and we have the #1 Public School in Guilford County(Southeast Guilford) vs. the #1 Private School in Guilford County(Wesleyan Christian Academy) playing for the Championship today:Southeast Guilford(9-4) vs. Wesleyan(12-0)….Championship Game at 6:30pm(FBI/Farm Bureau Invitational)….

Farm Bureau Invitational Tournament at NewBridge Bank Park:
Uwharrie Academy(3-9) vs. Grimsley(0-8) 7th Place Game 11am
Randleman(8-3) vs. Wheatmore(2-10) 5th Place Game 1:30pm
Page(7-4) vs. Northern Guilford(7-6) 3rd Place Game 4pm
Southeast Guilford(9-4) vs. Wesleyan(12-0)….Championship Game at 6:30pm

Other games today???


  1. 3rd place game in Myrtle Beach was cancelled today. HPCA comes home 15-1-1. Has 2 conference games with Calvary Baptist Home Tuesday and @ Calvary Thursday next week.

  2. Wesleyan 3 -0 over SE Guilford. How about them private schools now! See what excuses Public school has now. Cant run with the Big Dawgs! Looks like Wesleyan is legit as well as HPCA from seeing scores down in Myrtle. Got big 2 game show down coming in couple weeks between Wesleyan and HPCA – could be 2 games that no one will want to miss!!

  3. And southeast guilford loses to Wesleyan’s recruiting coordinator. Good game though. Bailey Steed pitch good enough to win. Southeast couldn’t catch a break.

  4. Public school just cant admit defeat. Always an excuse! Should have just forfeited the game and then u wouldn’t have had to make excuses….had you won you would be asking to bring on all private schools – but I can tell 1 is enough!

  5. But it’s not enough said. Lol talks out of both sides. We know who the best 2 teams are around here and the name does not start with the letters SE. SE is lucky Wesleyan did not put up a 10 spot on SE. I promise you, HPCA would. Enough said. If a true ranking of all Guilford County schools were included, HPCA and Wesleyan would be at the top.

  6. Bailey Steed won the pitching battle. 19 first pitch strikes, 5k’s, 4 walks, and 2 earned runs. Good enough for the win and the “mvp”. He don’t need to make any excuses.

  7. That young man is certainly a good player. I think if you were to ask the kids, they would want to play the best on a regular basis. I don’t care playing some defenseless team either. We would love to play some of the top Guilford schools because there are some good ones. I can tell we were not recruited, it was just a good opportunity for my son to get him prepared for college.

  8. I believe that comments posted here should be positive and reflect full support of all boys playing this wonderful game. The negative comments are unnecessary and hurtful. There is no need to create a divide amongst these boys, and some of these parents and fans could learn something from these boys on the field who are actually playing the game. As a parent of a former private school player, I apologize for the comments made above and wish all the boys a great season and good times.

  9. I find it amusing how HPC and their recruiting committee feels the need to post stats on very post!! Great stats when you face JV or Colt level pitching nit to mention playing on a Softball field! Also SE is vastly overrated..Besides NW, what quality team have they beat.?…

  10. We were blessed with a great tournament,,,

    Excellent weather, some very good baseball and the kids seemed to have a lot of fun too, getting the chance to play at the NewBridge Bank Park…

    The fans need to enjoy the moment too…

    All went well and we need to say good job to all of the players and coaches and to Dave Beasley and the crew that put this tournament together…(Hoppers staff included)

    Thanks to all who were involved and we need to turn our attention to the new moment at hand and that would be next week’s games…

    We hype up these games to get everyone pumped up for that game and that night and when the game is over we need to congratulate all the teams for their effort and work that they have turned in and then go back to work for the next games….

    This tournament means a lot to the kids and to our community and let’s keep building it…

    The kids/players are the key and this gives them a chance to showcase and develop their game in a very good setting that is what means the most…

    Great opportunities and this gives the kids a chance to work on their game and get better every day..

    Got to be really be thankful for a tournament like this and again say thanks to all who helped make it happen…

    Some memories were made there this week that will last for a lifetime and we are blessed to have the chance to be a part of the Farm Bureau Invitational…

    To all of the players from top to bottom and from the bottom to the top, good job and keep working on your game seven days a week….

    There will be games again on Monday and we have church to attend on Sunday and let us be thankful for those opportunities….

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