WFMY NEWS 2 Sports Anchors from over the years:from Harville to Crawford and in-between

We had this question come in today at our sports window and we will give you all of the names that we can remember holding down the anchor chair at WFMY TV 2 over the years and if we leave anybody out that you remember, add them in and you can then give us some of your impressions of those that are on this list and part of the question dealt with Dave Goren and to my knowledge, Dave Goren was always over at WXII TV 12 and he did not do sports for WFMY TV 2….

The names on the Sports Anchor list at WFMY TV 2 over the years….

Charlie Harville….He is the first one that I can remember and I remember him being there all the way back in the 60’s…
Woody Durham…Woody Durham was a “big name” at 2 back in the early 70’s and now he is in his 70’s, at least I think he is…
Johnny Phelps
Mark Concannon
Mike Hogewood
Greg Kerr
Brian Formica
Liz Crawford

*****There were a lot of co-anchors and they might have held down the chair during some of the transition periods and that might have been the case with Johnny Phelps, where he did not have the “Sports Anchor” title, but he held down the spot during a long period of transition…*****

Other co-anchor names from the past:
Sam Crenshaw
Hub Burton
Scott Pryzwanski
Bill O’Neil
Rick Pizzo
Katie Felts
Noel Glasgow
+++++We do need to add this young man in here, Chip Carey and I think he now announces Atlanta Braves’ games.
Also we add-iin Jamie Baldwin, a very tall young lady that was at NEWS 2 Sports and then later on she worked for WXII TV 12+++++

+++++We really haven’t missed very many names and that name that always shines when we go back and look over our old notes, is the name of Sam Crenshaw….Sam gets a lot of love when you bring his name back up….I think Sam worked along with the Mike Hogewood/Scott Pryzwanski team and those were some good days….Bill O’Neil did the weekends for a good while on sports at WFMY TV 2 and now he has been a news reporter at WXII TV 12 for many years…..If you know of others that we have failed to mention, send those names our way….

We had an inquiry on this topic earlier today at our search stats site…..+++++

9 thoughts on “WFMY NEWS 2 Sports Anchors from over the years:from Harville to Crawford and in-between

  1. No offense to Liz Crawford – I’m sure she is a nice person, cute and a good news person but she has NO business doing sports. It is laughable how bad it is and shame on WFMY for just doing away with a sports anchor.

    They may as well just get rid of sports coverage altogether if they can’t do any better than that.

  2. I agree with Sad above. Women have small brains and can’t handle a news anchor job. They also have small feet so they can get closer to the sink while they do the dishes.

    Lastly I give you a quote from my friend Champ Kind “It is anchorman, not anchorlady. And that is a scientific fact.”


  3. Skip Carey…Grandson to Chip. Did weekends when Hogwood was there. You could tell the guy was talented & you had to figure Hog was about lay an egg to get him out of there!

  4. I can’t believe how nasty some of you people are talking on here. This is pure discrimination.

    I bet most of you would like to see FMY bring Lee Kincaid back to do the sports.

  5. Liz I might be wrong but I believe diversity was a wooden ship used during the Civil war era.

  6. Yes, a good call from Mr. Jones with Jamie Baldwin..

    Very tall young lady at NEWS 2 Sports…I remember she was there the year Mike Stanton hit his 39 homers for the Hoppers….

    She later worked with WXII TV 12 mainly doing camera work…

  7. It is funny when women report on sports and the should not. I love to see Erin Andrews come on the TV, however it is a shame that the same lady that interviews the World Champions in baseball and MVP also is the main host on Dancing with the Stars!!!

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