Football in Focus Tonight at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace

We have a busy show planned for tonight with Joe Sirera from the News and Record set to join us at 6pm to talk about the upcoming high school football season with the official start of practice less than two days away….Top teams, top players, new coaches, practice times for Saturday, Joe is on top of it all, along with J.P. Mundy at the News and Record’s High School Xtra section on-line and in the paper…

Lots to talk about with Joe and we could talk all day about last season, with the return of Coach Roscoe and Northern Guilford winning the title again for the 4th time in 5 years, how Dudley’s season ended, talent that has moved on like Reggie Gallaspy to N.C. State, Mook Reynolds to Virginia Tech and others….

Loads of things from last year, but now we have a new season on the horizon and come Saturday morning, real early Saturday morning, the new season will be here….

New coaches, players in new leading roles, teams on the move, will there be area challengers for Dudley and Northern, can Southern carry on and stay in the thick with RGIII at N.C. State??? Lots of questions and Joe or somebody else at Shane’s will have the answers….

We also hope to see some players and coaches stopping by to join us at Shane’s….We have heard from a few and if their schedules work they will be joining us tonight….Hope you will join us as well, as we get going at 6pm and hope to run hard until around 8pm…(Watching for Simeon Gatling and possibly Connell Young from Dudley and Coach Brown from Southern Guilford)…..

Shane’s with Ribs, all kinds of chicken, such as Chicken Tenders, Chicken Wings, Chicken Salad, and the tenders are big and the wings can almost make you fly….BBQ Chicken too, plus BBQ sandwiches, Huge Burgers, Okra, Corn, Green Beans like you have never seen, Baked Beans, tossed salad, Mac and Cheese, Fries and more….

Paul, Troy, Big Mike, Chelsey, Curtis and maybe even Shane himself will make you feel at home, at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace, just up the street from Grimsley HS and just across the street from the Fire Station and the Lucky 32’s on Westover Terrace…

Just go to GreensboroSports Radio link here at the site to follow us LIVE tonight and then you can also catch the Replay here at GreensboroSports Radio and at YouTube……

Be sure to join us for Football in Focus TONIGHT at 6pm…….