Darryl Dawkins dead at age 58:”Chocolate Thunder” will roar no more and he will be missed by all that knew and loved his game

Sure do remember Darryl Dawkins well coming into the NBA at age 18, right out of high school and getting right in the there with the Philadelphia 76er’s and he had quite a career…Dawkins and Bill Willoughby both came into the league at the same time at 18 and that would have been 40 years ago this season…Darryl Dawkins will be missed, the fans loved him and he had some great posters back in the day…..The man could slam and shatter a backboard in a minute…..

RIP Darryl Dawkins…..

from www.espn.com:

He was dubbed “Chocolate Thunder” for his backboard-shattering dunks during his 14-year NBA career, mostly with the Sixers and Nets. His family said in a statement that he died of a heart attack.


  1. Dawkins was not a hall of fame players but he is a player that I still refer to when talking with my youth basketball teams. I often talk about how basketball was played during my youth (late 70’s and early 80’s) – physical with a hard nosed attitude on both ends. Kids today often play soft and don’t fight on both ends. Dawkins is often the guy that I refer to as how to attack the paint/goal. He will always remain a central figure in how I teach youth basketball. The 76er’s was my team as a kid and Dawkins will always remain one of my favorite players to see on the court. RIP Darryl Dawkins the master of the thunder dunk and one of the best interviewers in league history!

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