JV Football Tonight Finals for 8/27/15

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Time for those JV Football scores to be rolling in
Page 27, Northern Guilford 6
Northwest Guilford 35, Western Guilford 22
Dudley 36, Ragsdale 13
Southeast Guilford 22, Eastern Guilford 8
Southern Guilford 26, Grimsley 10
East Forsyth 36, WS Reynolds 12
Reidsville 48, Rockingham County 12
Southern Alamance 14, Western Alamance 6

Varsity:High Point Central 51, Northeast Guilford 20

Caldwell Academy Finals:
Boys Varsity Soccer defeated Hebrew Academy 2-1….Caldwell Academy 2, Hebrew Academy 1
Girls Varsity Volleyball defeated Southwest Guilford 3 games – 0….Caldwell Academy 3, Southwest Guilford 0


  1. 51 Points… Way to rebound Bison. NE shouldn’t have even scored. We still have to work some kinks out. But a W is a W. Good luck to NE the rest of the season.

  2. Thanks to Falcon 70, SA Fan, Bison 1, Bob, Kris Walser, Tuck, Don and others that have been getting us those scores…

    Witness and Football Fan too….

    Send more, we need more…

  3. Bison1 don’t get it twisted. Yall won but your really not that good. Really don’t think you will make to the playoffs this year. Page going to beat the brakes of of you. Really so next we meet a promise it won’t be like this next year. We are a young team under a new head coach. I see a lot of positive things happen. We fumbled twice a the inside 5. Game could have been a lot different. So Polk your chest out for this win, guarantee that you will finished in the top 3 in your conference

  4. House,

    Did you say Polk your chest out for this win and you guarantee that they will finish in the top 3 of their conference? That’s pretty good with NW and EF in that Conference. You just had 51 points hung on you plus you lost to the worst team in the area last week in Parkland….That makes NE the worst team in the area now.

  5. No need for any Bison fans to trash talk the Rams, it was a good game and good luck to NE this season. As for my Bison much improvement is needed if they want to compete amongst the best in the 4A classification. Hopefully we take the momentum we had in the 2nd half and continue it next week against the big match up with Page.

  6. Page: 27
    Northern Guilford: 6

    I’ve seen better Pop Warner games than this one. Attending a football game on the northern side of Guilford County has been painful to watch.

  7. Northwest Guilford – 35
    Western Guilford – 22

    Was 28-0 in the 4th, but NW put 2nd/3rd string players in, Western had to keep starters in due to their team not having as many kids. Good bounce back win after losing to Smith last week.

  8. When has a Northern JV not been very bad in an opening season game? Its just the way they do things…don’t expect them to get it together until they reach conference play.

  9. Dudley JV has a solid team again this year stacked with good size and talent . They are a tough defensive team to contend with . I am looking forward to seeing them evolve and become even better . Looks like they have a new QB at the helm . Their wide receivers, linemen and safety are ones to watch . Just pure dominance .Good teamwork and coaching

  10. Really? Northern Guilford of the county includes recreation, middle and high school football. I was not speaking on “Northern Guilford.” NG ran great plays for the personnel it had.

    Watching certain teams play in the Northern Guilford County region is the equivalent of the TV show Law and Order: Special [Football] Victims.

  11. @ Anwar Alston –

    Sounds like you’ve been setting on the visitors side of the field at Northern Guilford to often…alot of people have been feeling your pain!!

  12. It’s might fun that Northern Guilford is the only team in the state that have won a state championship with a jv program that really never had a win season. It’s seems that rules does applied with them. I know kids that play on them championship team that didn’t live in Northern district. Any other team it would be a problem with so many kids that transfer in for sports and didn’t live in he area.

  13. @ howfunny I mean housemoney –

    Is that the best you have…lol! You couldn’t get an illegal player though one practice in a sport at Northern before all heck would break loose. You guys really need to come up with a different approach…that crap done got old!!!!!!!!!!

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