2016 NC–SC High School Basketball All-Stars named with Kiara Harrison(Dudley HS) and Bailey Kargo(Page HS) ready to play on March 19 in S.C.

*****The 2016 Carolinas All Star Basketball Classic have been announced.*****

In its 19th year, the all-star game, which features some of the top seniors from North Carolina against their counterparts in South Carolina, will be held Saturday, Mar. 19, at Socastee High, in Socastee, S.C. The girls game will tip off at 6:30 p.m., followed by the boys. Tickets are $10.00.

The Slam Dunk and 3-Point Contests will be held at 7:00 p.m., on Friday, Mar. 18, at Myrtle Beach High School, in Myrtle Beach, SC. The cost is $5.00.2016 NC—SC Basketball

North Carolina Men

Player			         Ht      Wt	           School			Coach
Damani	Applewhite	         6'7	185	           Westover HS	                George	Stackhouse
Kyran	Bowman	                 6'2	179	           Havelock HS	                Daniel	Griffee
Ian	Boyd	                 6'3	210	           Apex HS	                David	Neal
Zach	Cottrell	         6'5	205	           Hayesville HS 	        Michael	Cottrell
Matt	Elmore	                 6'9	230	           Dixon HS	                David	Henry
Jay	Huff	                 6'11	195	           Voyager Academy	        Mike	Huff
Raekwon	Long	                 7'2	265	           Lincolnton HS 	        Bob	Cowie
Jaylen	McManus	                 6'7	195	           North Mecklenburg HS 	Duane	Lewis
Davion	Mintz	                 6'3	175	           North Mecklenburg HS	        Duane	Lewis
Jalen	Sanders	                 6'	195	           North Rowan HS	        Andrew	Mitchell

Head Coach: Mike Gurley 	West Rowan HS
Assistant Coach: David Dewey 	South Johnston HS

2016 NC – SC Basketball
North Carolina Women

Player			  Ht	School			       Coach
Jordan	Chavis	          5'8	Central Davidson HS	       Sterling	Charles
Naheria	Hamilton	  6’3	Eastern Wayne HS	       Philemon	Gray
Kiara	Harrison	  6'	Dudley HS	               Frank	McNeil**********
Bailey	Kargo	          5'10	Page HS	                       Deborah 	Jones***********
Lexi	Mercer	          5'9	Rosewood HS	               Rick	Grantham
Bayley	Plummer	          6'2	East Davidson HS 	       Don	Curry
Angel	Rizor	          6' 2	East Wake HS	               Toni 	Dupree
Chanin	Scott	          5'11	Myers Park HS	               Barbara 	Nelson
Te'ja	Twitty	          5'11	R-S Central HS	               Darius 	Fuller
Mikaya	Wilson	          5'7	Knightdale HS	               W Trent	Bunn Jr.

Head Coach: Amber Reddick 	Freedom HS
Assistant Coach: Brent Barker 	South View HS


  1. The players for this team have to be submitted by the Head Coach of the high school. There was a deadline of January 10th to submit it. Before the oh this is a travesty talk starts. I know northwest will flood this subject with complaints of why Kargo and Harrison are on the team but no northwest players.

  2. Just because a coach submits a players name does not mean they will make the team. I would have thought Hailey from NW would have made the team but I doubt if anyone else would have made it. Pointer would have been a consideration but Bayley Plummer is really good. I wonder if the NW coach actually submitted either of these players for the game.

  3. Hayley Barber should have made this team. But maybe the other point guards that are on there are really good. Still, congratulations to the players from Greensboro making this team. Bailey is a knock down shooter

  4. Barber is a really good guard but not in the same conversation as Jordan Chavis or Mikayla Wilson.

  5. I agree that Jordan Chavis is far better than Barber and I don’t know much about Mikayla Wilson. I thought these teams were more so rewards for the better players and their team success. If their goal or rules were to only get 2 of each position such as PG, SG, etc. then it’s understandable that Barber did not make it when compared to the other 2 players. Barber is a very good team player but does not have the individual skill set that some of these players have. This is what hurt NW last year. Myers just had too much individual talent that NW could not match up against defensively. NW still has the same problem but there are less teams in the state such as Myers Park or SE with 3-4 high end players this year. Maybe this will be NW’s year.

  6. I still think Barber will make the East vs West game. The match up this week with her and the Hallman kid from ED is gonna be pretty good. I saw ED play last year and Hallman so so. But I saw her play again durring the travel season, she was on a team with Monk from SW Guilford and the guard from HP Andrews and she was way better than I thought she was. I think NW should win the game but the point guard show down should be fun to watch!

  7. If you look at the numbers these players put up, it is clear they carry their teams. There are a lot of really good players who deserve the honor of playing on this all star team who aren’t on the list. It just so happens that several of them play for the same team. NW is loaded with talent and no one player carries that team. They have 2 who recently hit the 1000 pt mark, Pointer and Barber, within a week of each other. And, there is at least one more who isn’t too far off the mark. While I’m sure the NW girls would love to be on this list, they have bigger fish to fry as a team.

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