Quite a few people hitting the 1,000 point club this year/season:Good group of names forming here(Still looking for name to join this Elite Club)

A very nice group to be a part of and here are just part of the names we have seen heading into the 1,000 point scoring club for this high school basketball season….

Morgan Pointer(Northwest Guilford HS)
Bailey Kargo(Page HS)
Hayley Barber(Northwest Guilford HS)
Kodi Centry(McMichael HS)
J’nai Millner(Morehead HS)
Hannah Houser (Caldwell Academy)
Shaniya Jones (Wesleyan Christian Academy)
Jaylen Gore(Northwest Guilford HS)
Noah Dunn(Vandalia Christian School)
Ramon Pratt(Smith HS)
Kameron Langley(Southwest Guilford HS)
Diondre Overton(Page HS)
Jake Hedgecock(Rockingham County High School)
*****Outside our area, but Ian Boyd(Apex HS) near Raleigh, hit his 2,000th point last night in a game vs. Middle Creek….*****
+++++This mark here would be the standard-bearer:JamesOn Curry (Eastern Alamance HS) holds the state record with 3307…..+++++

+++++Do we have others that have joined this illustrious group this season….+++++

Have we left somebody??? Let us know….


  1. There does seem to be a long list of 1,000 pt scorers this year. I wonder if anyone was close to 1,500 or 2,000 this year. Andy that would be a great list on a slow day to list players in the area that have scored 2,000s in their career. I doubt if anyone in this area has ever gotten to 3,000 but maybe I am wrong.

  2. I don’t how we forgot Kameron earlier, we just talked to him about the nice recognition he received back on Tuesday night with his 1,000 achievement being placed in a real nice glassed photo/photo frame…Quite an honor and I hope we can see some more names up here…

    Peyton Kadlecek, a senior at Caldwell Academy it the 1,000 point mark last year as a junior, but then she got hit by an ACL injury and had to miss this season/her entire senior year….

    We tracking and working to remember a lot of names so stick with us…

  3. Diondre Overton scored his 1,000th career point on Feb. 5th when the Pirates beat Smith 73-71. He was honored for that accomplishment on Tuesday night when Page played Dudley

  4. Just a little outside the Guilford County range but JamesOn Curry (Eastern Alamance) holds the state record with 3307

  5. Jake Hedgecock from Rockingham County High School hit his 1000 point mark back in mid January.

  6. I had the privilege of watching JamesOn Curry quite a bit when he was at Eastern Alamance. He was a prodigy in every sense of the word. Amazingly talented.

    I’ll never forget when they played Southern Guilford his junior year. SG had a man face-guard him the entire game. You know, the old “my buddy” strategy. Curry still dropped over 40 on them that night.

    Also will never forget Matt Doherty coming to Randleman to watch Curry. Second-half of that game was delayed by 20 minutes cause of Randleman fans going crazy trying to get Doherty’s autograph.

    Crazy to think what might have been had the “incident” not happened.

  7. i was in 8th grade playing basketball and traveled to watch him play as a senior. They stuck undercover cops in school for months keeping tabs on kids selling marajuana and busted curry. He ended up being good at oklahoma state but if he didnt lose his scholarship from unc he would be a starter in the nba right now no question.

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