Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford HS) with both football and basketball offers in hand featured at News and Record in a very inside look at how Tre can play and find his way

Joe Sirera and Spencer Turkin with a very interesting and in-depth look at Tre Turner, from Northwest Guilford High School, a young man who has found his place on both the football field and the basketball court and he excels in both settings…

He is setting his sights on things above, both at the next level, both being hoping to be able to play both basketball and football in college and both being both a firm foundation in sports/athletics and a firm faith in God, which helps to keep the kid humble and he has been able to do all of that with attention swirling around him at all times whether he is playing or sleeping and by what we see and hear, Tre Turner eats, drinks and sleeps inside a sports career that he hopes will take him eventually to the professional ranks..

A good kid and a good read from Joe Sirera and Spencer Turkin from the News and Record and now’s the time to check out the inside on Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford High School) when you CLICK HERE….

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