New Guilford County Schools policies on Heat will prohibit practice/outdoor activities between Noon and 6pm/Tre Turner(NWG) down 4-6 weeks with bad ankle

Word coming today from the News and Record( with Joe Sirera on a release from the Guilford County Schools, as it pertains to GCS Athletics:

New policies as it pertains to the heat issues and here is one big change and this one of those changes for the good…..

Time restrictions: We(Guilford County Schools) have in the past prohibited routine outdoor activities between noon and 5 p.m., but (those activities) could be delayed to 6 p.m. or later if conditions warranted the delay due to extreme heat. The revised guidelines prohibit routine outdoor activities between noon and 6 p.m. throughout the summer, regardless of the temperature.

This helps avoid the daily guessing game and any confusion that may arise about what time practices/workouts will be permitted to start in the evening. Notifications were only sent if practice had to be delayed. Using the new times should reduce the number of instances this is necessary, since it has been very rare that we have needed to delay the start beyond 6 p.m.

Since we rely on email for this communication, there is always a chance that a coach may have missed the email. Again, since we will likely have fewer times when a delay is needed, we reduce the number of times a coach might miss an email. (This rule does not apply to scrimmages or jamobrees.)

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On another Guilford County front, Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford High School) injured his ankle last weekend at the Peach Jam Basketball Classic in Georgia and he will miss the next 4-6 weeks as he allows the ankle to heal and that means he may miss games at the start of the 2016 high school football season in August….Turner(Class of 2018) is one of the top high school football and basketball recruits in the state of North Carolina….

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