Talking to the Coaches This Week

Talked to a couple of coaches this morning and Coach Darryl Brown from Grimsley and formerly of Southern Guilford was very happy to get that win last week vs. Ragsdale, but it was tough taking one away from one of his mentors in Tommy Norwood….Coach Brown said the Whirlies have to get the offense going, but it is no surprise to him that the defense is ahead of the offense at this stage of the season….”Special teams win games early in the season”, is what Coach Brown said was the Bottom Line….We hope to have Grimsley Whirlie defensive back and return man Nile Harris with us at the Shane’s Rib Shack on Thursday night for Football in Focus….The Grimsley Defense and their entire team in for a very big road test this Friday night at Southern Guilford…..

Got the inside word from Eric Rainey at Southwest Guilford this morning and Coach Rainey said that his Cowboys are in for a very big and important game this Friday night when the T. Wingate Andrews Red Raiders come over to “The Ranch”…With the loss of Jeremiah Brown off of last year’s Cowboy squad, this year’s receiving game becomes a committee of Cowboys looking for the receptions and one key Cowboy will also occasionally drift out there in those pass patterns and that is Cowboy junior QB Jaren Rainey….Jaren will play QB, WR and some defensive back for the Cowboys this season and the colleges are already giving long looks to Jaren Rainey the DB and Jaren Rainey the WR, while others have seen the importance of Jaren Rainey the QB, but the QB callers have not been as active as have been the callers for JR the WR and JR the DB and that is how it is panning out so for on the Jaren Rainey recruiting front….Rainey ran for 127 yards last week from his QB spot and the Cowboys hope to open it up more this week, as they begin to look downfield for open receivers and also the Cowboys have quality backs coming out of the backfield that can catch and run, when they get their hands on the ball…

More from more coaches as the day and week moves on….Thanks to Coach Darryl Brown(Grimsley HS) and Coach Eric Rainey(SWG) for their thoughts this morning and we look to also have Jaren Rainey with us at the Shane’s Rib Shack on Thursday night….

Talked with Coach Eric Westberg from Northern Guilford HS and he told me it helped his coaching staff and the players that attended to be able to attend the Page-Davie County game last Friday night at Page…With NG off on the opening night of the high school season they were able to be at Page in person and Coach Westberg said the Page Pirates are a very impressive team and Page is a team with Skill, Speed and Physicality…Very quick and physical team with Javon Leake(RB) and Will Jones(QB) being as good as any kids you will see in the state their respective positions…Coach Westberg also says Page is rangy and that the linebackers, including Alan Tisdale, get on you quick….Page very strong at the LB position on defense….

From Northern’s standpoint, they will go with Tyler Flippin as the starting QB for the Nighthawks and it wasn’t like Flippin really beat out Cody Knight for the QB spot, it just turned out that Knight was needed just as much on defense at strong safety and with Knight lining up on ‘D’, the QB spot worked well to the advantage of Flippin….NG will look toward Flippin, but you can bet that the ball is going to see its way into the hands of MJ/Myron Frazier and that Frazier will have plenty of opportunities to show what he can do while carrying the football….NG-Page on Friday night at NG and will be collecting info from Page Coach Kevin Gillespie on Thursday afternoon…..(Caught up with Coach Westberg, while he was driving down the road/highway.)

This is the ‘Nighthawk Line’ now as our Josh Williams(JANESH) also caught up with Coach Westberg this week and tonight is the “Nighthawks’ Night” and here is Josh with Coach Westberg…..
*****This is Josh Williams with Janesh Sports. I also write for I have a few questions for you before your game this Friday vs Page…..*****

What are things you have to be aware of when competing against Page?
1) The running back and the Quarterback. They are two explosive players that are at the top in the state at their respective positions. They also have tenacious defense that will fly to the ball and will bring a lot of pressure with the front 7. They are a well-coached team at all three phases, Special teams, offense and defense.

Coming off of last Friday, what are your main focuses this week?
2) We had an opening week.

Who are some players that we should expect to make some big plays Friday?
3) M.J. Frazier RB, Jordan Lane WR/DB, Christian Bass LB, Evan Hoff LB, Jake Moore OL/DL, J. Hardy Stone OL/DL.

+++++In conversation with Coach Kevin Gillespie of Page today(Thursday) and he said the Pirates have to do the things that they have been doing in the past, but they have to start doing them the right way….It comes down to execution and returning to the fundamentals of football and just doing things on both sides of the ball and doing them correctly….Page has talent and they want to get all of talent working together when they go up to take on Northern Guilford on Friday night…Coach Gillespie said everyone was relatively healthy and you have to execute to win ball games and that is what it is going to take for Page, simply put…..Excellence in Execution…..+++++


  1. Is the Flippin kid from northern any kin to the Flippin boys that started at Eastern Guilford in the 90’s Bill I believe was the younger brother

  2. There were the Flippins at EG, the Flippins at Northeast and there were Flippins at Western Guilford…I remember Troy Flippin and his younger brother who both recently played for Western Guilford and they were good football and baseball players the Flippin boys from WG, their dad was like an All-State football player in Burlington and maybe played at Williams the Flippin kid at NEG was Shane I believe and played some baseball and many of the Flippins were very good baseball players and football too for that matter…

    From what I remember, the believe the Flippin at EG, Billy was a very good athlete and did a lot for EG football and maybe baseball too…

    The only one I really knew was the Ricky Flippin kid from Northeast and I knew him back when was Flippin pancakes and hamburgers at Tex and Shirley’s Restaurant at Friendly Center…

    The Flippin history is Trippin..Trippin with Flippin, if you will….

  3. I might be Slippin but I am not sure about that Grimsley game, we need to ask Coach Brown or Nile Harris tomorrow….

  4. Just got off of the phone with Coach Brown and Grimsley will play Athens Drive at Grimsley next Friday and not on Thursday….Grimsley went down there on Thursday last year, but the game will on Friday this year, with Raleigh Athens Drive at Grimsley…

    NO JV game next week with Grimsley vs. Athens Drive, but the Varsity will go at it on Friday in Grimsley’s first home game of the season…

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