Greensboro Invitational Cross Country Championships from back on Saturday at Hagan Stone Park:Ian Shanklin (Page HS) becomes first Greensboro Winner(Boys) in quite a while

*****Ian Shanklin (Page High School) becomes the first Greensboro Winner(Boys) in quite a while…..Ian Shanklin defended his home turf/Hagan Stone Park….*****

from Saturday’s Greensboro Invitational Cross Country Meet at Hagan Stone Park….
Boys Championship
from Jason Creasy at
Defending champ and Footlocker Finalist Micah Pratt (Patriot Pacers, VA) seemed to be the favorite heading into the race, but Ian Shanklin (Page HS) showed no fear early on and took the pace out early and lead through the first mile. Thomas Anthony (RJR), Kyle Fawzi (Panther Creek), Matthew Staelhe (Jordan), Nick Thompson (NW Guilford) and Zachary Mercer (Moorseville) all sat behind Shanklin along with Pratt.

Through the woods Shanklin continued to build on his lead with only Pratt staying in contention. There was a huge chase pack that stayed together through the first two miles just behind Shanklin and Pratt. But as they emerged to the lake it was Shanklin with a 10 second lead on Pratt and he was still picking up the pace heading to the finish. Shanklin crossed the line in 15:49 all by himself setting a new PR, and also defending his home turf becoming the first Greensboro boys to win the Championship race in a long time.

Girls Championship
Pre-race favorite Sara Platek(Ragsdale HS) did not toe the line/she did not run the race…..
(She was seen running early that morning/Saturday at the Hagan Stone Park course.)

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