High School Football Games for this week in and around Guilford County

JV Men’s Soccer Final on Monday Night:
Southwestern Randolph 7, Western Guilford 1
Varsity Men’s Soccer Final:
Southwestern Randolph 5, Western Guilford 0

All games set for 7:30pm kickoffs….

Southeast Guilford(3-2) at Ragsdale(1-4)
Western Guilford(1-5) at Southern Guilford(4-2)
Smith(2-3) at High Point Andrews(1-4)
Reidsville(5-0) at Northwest Guilford(4-1)
Morehead(0-6) at Eastern Guilford(5-0)
McMichael(1-5) at Northeast Guilford(1-4)
Northern Guilford(0-5) at Eastern Alamance(6-0)
High Point Christian Academy(4-0) at Randleman(4-1)
WS Prep(1-4) at Bishop McGuinness(3-3)
OFF:Dudley(6-0)…Southwest Guilford(6-0)…Page(5-1)…High Point Central(3-3)…Grimsley(2-4)…

10 thoughts on “High School Football Games for this week in and around Guilford County

  1. Well, I hope my Nighthawks win! Slim chance though.

    NIGHTHAWK NATION 4 time State Champion! Hold you heads up boys!!!!!!

    *****Editor’s note, you have to stay the course and give the current group more of a chance….There will be some wins in just a couple of weeks and time to stick together and see this thing through….We as a blog here must stay behind the coaches and the AD’s and that is our commitment and full intentions…Sometimes as fans you have to step back and let it go for a while, and give it a rest and let the rest of those guys at Northern and the other schools too, do their jobs and most importantly finish their jobs….Good, bad or indifferent, you have to hang in….Other schools in the county are fighting the same battles and you have to take the good with the bad and lock it down and hang in….Western, Northeast, Ragsdale, High Point Andrews, Smith and I am probably leaving somebody else out, but all of those schools are facing extreme challenges too….*****

    You have to support those at the top, those in the middle and those at the bottom too….

    AD/Andy Durham
    +++++I learned a long time ago we can’t all be superstars, but we can shine in our own element if we choose to keep on rolling/going forward.+++++

  2. All we kept hearing out of SE was how they were opening up this year. Was anybody at the game Friday night ?

  3. Northern will continue to have down years; the school did not hire the best coach for the position. Vance’s HC applied; he was denied the job.

    *Bloggers note*
    Andy wrote three pieces about the young men who turned to gang life and criminal activity who once played at Smith HS. He shrouded it as updating folks on their lives. What he needs to do is an expo on the failures of the Page Pirates program from Kirby, King, Via to this new regime. Athletes rarely passed course work, yet they played on the field.

  4. Northern Guilford will contend for a State Title in girls basketball and in baseball, so there are your sports where NG will be there this year, but football is not one of the sports this year…

    There was much more on the NG football search than can be discussed here and as with many of our subjects that is a good thing, because in many cases it is often best, if certain things are left unsaid…

    Andy has done a pretty good job of keeping the news out there over the past 10-11 years and he has done a decent job of keeping news out that does not need to be in here…

    If it was in the news it was discussed and if it has been under the table, it has been left under the table and that is where it needs to stay…

    Andy says thanks to all who come here for the info and we will keep bringing it and the only way to stay afloat is to bring it the way we have been bringing it….

    I mean we could talk this beat all day, but it will not get us anywhere….There is a Top Ten Poll out there somewhere and that is what the people want right now, they are not looking for some so-called mess that does not need to be spread….

    Some how Andy knows what is next and it is time for him to go get it…I have a one-man cheering squad and I feel the burn and it is time to get shakin’……

    Also, I may misspell a few things, but you have to remember, I write a lot….

  5. People need to relax on NG. Remember first year with a new staff is always tough, often learning totally new schemes on offense and defense. Year 2 will show improvement with players know what’s going on. After that they’ll be right back in the title picture. It takes time and the talent pool is different from year to year. I think the expectations weren’t that high for NG this year with all the talent they loss the past couple of years. What if Geno got fired after his 1st year at UCONN when he went 12-15. It takes time to get the program where you want it. NG fans hang in there and put blinders on and block out the noise from the outside.

  6. On the Southeast Guilford situation, coaches tell me a team like SEG would have been better off not to have been off the week after the win at Northwest…

    Teams working their way up need to keep playing and the week of not playing actually hurt a team like SEG…

    And that was the OFF week between the NWG and SWG games…

    SEG looked to the air back on Friday, but you have to give some credit to the Southwest defense too, they played an excellent game…Pressure on SEG QB and they cut off the outside run by the SEG QB and the Falcon running backs…

    SEG did not look like the same team we saw at NWG and Southwest had a lot to do with it…The SWG offense is getting a lot of credit and rightfully so, but the Cowboys’ defense is playing very smart and efficient defense too and they seem to a knack right now at SWG about how to use their players and how to put them in the right spots/positions to get the most out of their talent on hand and if you ask me, and nobody did, but here is the lowdown, learning how to use your talent on hand and where to put them/line them up, is 90% of the battle…

    More inexpensive analysis from Andy on this Monday and if you read this good advice enough and adhere to it, it might just work for you and yours…..

  7. After this week, NG may be ready to run the table with W’s to close out the year/Season….

    NEG will be the X-factor and I feel certain the Rams are going to have something to say at the end of the day….

  8. I’m sick of this wait and see attitude that Northern has us doing. There is no improvement being shown on either side of the ball. That should be the only thing we should look at. We Northern fans know what Coach Roscoe did with only some talent back in 2011.

  9. Finally, someone presents an honest view of how the Nighthawk Community is really taking this. Northern is a high profile job given their previous success; passing on a high level 3A coach or the Charlotte coach is not good! Northern Teacher, class is in session so take notes!

  10. Back in 2011 Northern had TJ Logan, Daniel Downing, John McBeth, Tre Purcell, Austin Coltrane, Cam Harris, TJ Ruff, Chris Ripberger, Sam Parker, Robert Wilcox, Nick Jones, Mark Mitchell, Max Klietsch and all of those guys played some or a lot of college ball and some of them are still playing…..To me, that’s a lot of talent…

    I think if Coach Roscoe came up here he would tell you to stick to your guns and keep battling and if you said let’s give up he might tell you it is time to start kicking some tails and taking some names…

    Good time to lay it to rest for tonight and go take out our energy on that Presidential Debate…

    There has been a strong debate going on here today and we have to remember to play all-out football, do our homework and stay ready to play each and every day…

    Focus must be the key around here….Andy says don’t get crazy, get to work…..

    I have heard about some kids that are up these days at 6am, even with school in session and they are getting in workouts before school starts and then they have practice after school…

    Lots of basketball players do it that way and some football kids do to….

    I remember the Eaves brothers, Frankie and Anthony did that and Hendon Hooker has done that too along with the Langley Brothers and others….

    Nothing wrong with that, a little extra work never hurt anybody, it usually helps out…

    Time close the polls on this Debate and leave the rest to Donald and Hillary….

    *****You may say why stop it now? Well it could go on forever and we are not really getting anywhere or making any progress, or least that is the way Andy sees it right now…..******

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