Free Passes/Tickets to the Woods of Terror on Church Street:Give us your “Halloween Name of the Day”

Free Passes/Tickets to the Woods of Terror on Church Street:Give us the “Halloween Name of the Day”

We just need YOUR name to get in the drawing today…We will draw/select the lucky Winner Tonight and that Winner could go to the Woods of Terror at NO CHARGE…

Looking for your name in the Comment Box and if you can give it to us, you could win the Two Free Passes/Tickets to the Woods of Terror/$28.00 per ticket value($56.00 Total Value) and you can learn more about them by going to their website at…..

Just leave us your name in the comment box and when you signed up make sure you have left a valid E-mail address where we can reach you and we will get your address and mail you your passes/tickets….

Who is the Halloween Name of the Day???
It could be Danny Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Luke Robinson, Caleb Robinson, Jackie Robinson, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, David Robinson, Vicky Sue Robinson, of “Turning the Beat Around” fame, Max Robinson from ABC News back in 70’s, Jackson Browne Robinson, Swiss Family Robinson, Sugar Ray Robinson, Ricky Robinson, Ronnie Robinson from the Roller Derby, Headless Horseman Robinson, Black Cat Robinson, Twix Robinson or others….
Joe Robinson, James Robinson, Rumeal Robinson, and all you have to do is give us your name and it doesn’t even have to be a Robinson….Could be a Roberson, Robison or Robertson, it doesn’t matter, just give us YOUR NAME and you are in the running….

Check us out here later on tonight to find out who won…Probably posting somewhere around 10pm…

Think about it and shoot us that winning NAME into the Comment Box…..

Now- Sat, Nov 05, 2016
Woods of Terror at Woods of Terror on Church Street
Woods of Terror on Church Street Is Located at 5601 N Church Street…