Interview with Coach Joey McGinnis from Southwest Guilford Middle School after win at Jamestown on Wednesday and other SWG post-game Video

Southwest Guilford Middle School with their 26-8 victory over Jamestown Middle School on Wednesday at Ragsdale High School and check out our interview with Cowboys’ head coach Joey McGinnis after the game and we have other video of the team and their post-game huddle with the coaches and the parents…

Interview with Coach Joey McGinnis….Click On Below for the video….

Teams meet at mid-field after the game and SWG is in celebration-mode…Click On..

Team heads to Victory Meeting…Click Below

Team and the Coaches Talk…Click Below…

Coaches Share, Players Share and Parents Share in on the season…Click Below..

Now the Cowboy Parents getting a little closer to the team…Click On..

Team feeling good about the season, but still one game left to play…Click On Below..

Hard to let this one go, the win is starting to sink in….Click On Below..

Cowboys Break it down and roll…Click On Below…

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  1. I also wondered y the coaches of Jamestown were not going to shake the Southwest coaches hands because the first coach turned away but the southwest coach said something and he turned back. Great game tho. And still in all the comments Curt the Coach did not say the better team won. I am just happy the young players had fun and I am sure that the friendship of the friends from both teams who know each other will remain.

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