New News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll with Page, Dudley and Reidsville resting at 1-2-3(Who do you have in your Top Ten???)

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The top 10 is compiled by N&R staff writers Joe Sirera and Spencer D. Turkin, with input from area coaches…..

*****This week the Page Pirates #1, the Dudley Panthers #2 and the Reidsville Rams #3…Reidsville and Eastern Guilford are the only unbeaten teams in the poll, with both the Wildcats(EG) and the Rams(REID) at (11-0)…..*****

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OFF week for all of the area public school teams this week……


  1. It should be
    Dudley/East Forsyth

    Ive seen them all play and East is right there with Page and Dudley. All 3 of those teams would destroy Eastern and Reidsville. It wouldn’t be close. If we are saying which teams are the best its those 3. My Top 10

    1. Page
    2. Dudley/East Forsyth
    3. Reidsville
    4. Eastern Guilford
    5. Glenn
    6. Southern
    7. HPA
    8. SEG
    9. NWG
    10. HP Christian

  2. Apparently you haven’t really seen Eastern play. Defeated Western Alamance who went toe to toe with Butler for 3 qrts. Don’t be blinded by your bias. Put some respect on EGHS

  3. When East Forsyth wins some big games then we can talk. Beating up on NWG and Glenn won’t help when it’s time to see the Charlotte programs in the playoffs.

  4. Eastern Guilford has defeated 3 of the top 20 teams in 3a. Just wanted to put that out there.

  5. What are you talking about Triad Watch? East Forsyth has one of the best programs and some of the best players in the state. They were one game short of the state championship game last year. They beat Charlotte teams along the way. They lost to the state champs in overtime. The same team that crushed Page in the title game. Why don’t you tell us that team you are from since you think East Forsyth is something less than ready for the playoffs?

  6. When opportunity knocks the eagles do have a history of folding and all we hear during pre-season year after year is how East is gonna shock the world! We still don’t know where the eagles will land for the playoffs but if they go 4AA they will eventually run into Page, Butler, MC or a Vance. Show us on the field Eagles!

  7. The questions are starting to come in/crop up…..

    East Forsyth=’s Overrated or underrated…..Buy or Sell?
    Eastern Guilford=’s Overrated or underrated…Buy or Sell??

    Playoffs on the way and do you Buy or Sell,
    Southern Guilford
    Northwest Guilford….

    Many feel NWG and SG would make it to Round Two…
    Eastern Guilford can go at least Three Rounds, Page and Dudley have a chance to reach Round Four, do we have more that might be hanging out there on the line???

    Maybe HP Andrews can go at least Two Rounds??

    High Point Christian should go ahead and win it all again at NCISAA DII and how many of our Guilford County teams would HPCA beat???

    Election returns are coming back slow, but there is always a note or to, to look at on the HS Football scene…

  8. Eastern will more than likely make the 4th rd based on their strength of schedule and how they handled Western Alamance, Eastern Alamance, and Southern Guilford. Elite defense and high efficient on offense. They have absurd depth and just downright fast and talented as a team. Underrated solely because most locals only have a sample size of what they have done. That’s an amazing program over there Doug Roberson has built.

  9. I’m buying Page, Dudley and Reidsville. I’m selling Southern and NW. My mind isn’t quite made up on Eastern yet. Yes they’ve beat everyone on their schedule, but overall their schedule was weak. They beat Western Alamance without their starting QB. Eastern Alamance isn’t the Eastern Alamance of old. I think WA would win a rematch if they saw each other in the playoffs. You’ve gotta agree that their starting QB is important.

  10. If you were forced to choose an All-Conference QB between Bryant Barr and Dominique Graves from Eastern Guilford, that would be a tough choice. They have both been equally important to the Wildcats’ fortunes this season.

    I was reading where Eastern Alamance’ top quarterback had been out but now he is back….He had been under the concussion protocol and they he say is back now and as good as ever and that might make the Eastern Alamance Eagles a team that can fly higher in the playoffs….

    How much better will Page be when they get Javon Leake back??? That should just amp up the Pirates chances in the playoffs and if East Forsyth is 4-A instead of 4-AA, that might mean Page will need to be more on the lookout for teams like Butler, Mallard Creek and Charlotte Vance and that Dudley will have to watch out for East Forsyth, Charlotte Catholic and Scotland County in the 4-A West and why would Scotland County be in the West….Scotland County is so far East they are almost down in South Carolina, but many projections have them in the West…

    Other 4-A teams to look out for on both the big and small levels are West Forsyth, Mount Tabor, Davie County and North Davidson…

    Smooth sailing for all of our local teams we hope and looking for some Round 4 qualifiers from Guilford County….

  11. Jared Rolfes-Current
    Joe Woodruff
    Glen Locklear
    Greg King
    Charlie Groves
    Bob Kime
    Joey Taro
    possibly Bob Yow and those are all of the ones that I can remember…

    Someone was asking me about former/past Northwest Guilford football coaches today and those are the ones that I remember….

  12. @I’ve seen ’em all

    Western Alamance’s “starting” QB did play against EG, if you’re referring to the transfer from Nash County who played earlier in the year. He threw two of WA’s four interceptions against EG. He didn’t start, but the two times he came into the game he threw an INT within two plays. What does that tell you?

    The Christman kid was the starter last year and is pretty good. The transfer who was starting earlier in the year? He might have more talent, but the kids on the team don’t like him and it shows.

    If that’s your only reason for thinking EG isn’t that good, you may want to re-check your facts.

  13. My unbiased opinion as a former Western coach, E.G. Defeated them in a rematch. Their opine did whatever they wanted and that game could’ve easily been 36-13, we got some big plays and fortunate calls on a few 3rd and long situations and I didn’t leave that game feeling like we were better than them. I’ve been around a long time and this is as good as I’ve ever seen E.G. We aren’t a bad team either but they are just that much better and it showed. They just have more athletes accords the board and that LT kid is a mauler at times. Pinnix is our best chance to make a run. We need him to show up big every game or else we don’t go far.

  14. So NW Guilford coach Jared Rolfes must be watching a different game than everyone else in the state again this year. He was quoted on your site Andy after the Vikings lost last week. “(East Forsyth) isn’t as good as we made them look” Well that happened two years in a row coach. If East didn’t have two TDs called back this year and two or so called back last year they beat NW and put up almost 75 points! I heard parents from some NW players say that the NW coaches were telling players all week leading up to the game that East was very talented but they weren’t that well coached especially on defense. Sorry coach but the Defensive Coordinator for EF Coach Beal who you let go for Coach Miller and this year Coach Neal has without a doubt out coached you on defense two years in a row. Then their OC out coached NW again too. East was very well prepared and moved all over the place all night. The NW defense stayed the same all night and didn’t adjust to anything East did. I would say good luck next year versus East but I just heard recently from a person close to NW AD John Hughes that the Vikings dropped the Eagles next year. Looks like NW will go out and try to sign Rockingham County to a game or something and give the fans a false sense of reality like they did in the 1st 3 weeks of this year. You win some you lose some and you give credit where credit is due. Coach Willert and Coach Beal have done a great job at East in the last two years. Both years Coach Beal has been blasted by NW fans on social media and Greensboro Sports and he really deserves some credit cause he has done a great job with that defense over there. That guy is going to make a great Head Coach one day if he chooses to go that direction. By the way….GO NIGHTHAWKS!!! Revenge is coming next year NW!!!

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