High School Football Games for this Week with lots of local teams in the Playoffs, but how many will still be here after Week One???

Here is the list of all of the area teams that will be in action this week in Round One of the NCHSAA Football Playoffs..
All of the game going with the 7:30 kickoffs with the exception of the Christ School(10-1) at High Point Christian Academy(9-1) for the NCISAA 2-A Title and that 2-A Title game will kick off at 7pm, at the High Point Athletic Complex…
+++++Also hearing Northeast Guilford at West Craven game will kick off at 7pm on Friday night, in Vanceboro….+++++

NCHSAA Round One Playoff Games:
Southeast Guilford(6-5) at Davie County(10-1)….DC is the favorite, lost to Dudley and DC beat Page..
Southwest Guilford(7-4) at Watauga(8-3)…Watauga’s offense has scored 560 points on the season and the highest scoring team in the Western part of the state….
Northwest Guilford(7-4) at Myers Park(10-1)…NWG is a big-play team and gonna need some big plays from Hennigan, Turner, Finnie, Tyler and Leonard on the road a MP Mustangs…
Alexander Central(7-4) at Dudley(10-1)…Dudley just two points away from a perfect regular season and the Conference Crown, but will need to come back out and establish/get that running game going early again vs. AC…Hendon Hooker’s time to take his team to the top…
Charlotte Olympic(5-6) at Page(10-1)…Page should be in great shape, especially if Javon Leake is in great shape and ready to return to the lineup…Kiandre Page and Micah Gafford have a nice job while Leake has been on the mend…Will Jones will be ready to lead his Pirate shipmates to the coveted treasure that they are seeking and that would be a return trip to the State Title game…
Northeast Guilford(4-7) at West Craven(10-0)…This is what NEG has been cravin'(the return trip to the Playoffs), but can they carve out a win on the road and still minus starting QB Gerald Simpson…
Northern Guilford(4-7) at West Brunswick(8-3)….Northern will get down East in time to enjoy a pre-game Brunswick Stew at one of the local churches, but will they know, when they get thorough with the Stew and can they take it to West Brunswick??? Frazier needs to be as sharp as a stainless steel razor…
Corinth Holders(3-8) at Eastern Guilford(11-0)…EG has a nice seed and they will need to plant some strong seed in Round One at home on Friday night…EG needs to make that statement in this game that, “We are here and We mean business” and time to take care that business this week with Barr, Graves, Artis, Walker, Finerty, Cheeley all of those skill guys needing to push the pedal to the floor..
West Carteret(7-4) at Southern Guilford(9-2)…Southern Guilford has had time to harvest the crops from the regular season and then time to plant new crops and begin to harvest them with the long three-week layoff that the Storm have had since they played their Game # 11…Got to hope that long layoff won’t have any effect on the Storm Rising again and they must hit the scoreboard early in this game to guarantee that SG still has the spark….Got to get those EarL Bates men moving again and the end zone has to be their point of destination…
North Brunswick(7-4) at High Point Andrews(7-4)….HP Andrews has been playing very well as of late, behind the running of Travis Steele and Jordan Brown and that is the same thing that they need this Friday….I don’t even have to know who the quarterback is…Just do a good job of putting the ball in the hands of Steele and Brown and it all should go down real good…
Those are the 10 Guilford County teams that got in and we will be missing Grimsley, Smith, Ragsdale, High Point Central and Western Guilford this year, but here’s hoping that most, if not all of them can get back in, next season….

Around the area and similar conference members for this Friday….
Harding University(5-6) at East Forsyth(10-1)….EF only loss of the season was to Page and some feel Christian Beal is running as good as anybody around here at this stage of the season and he wears EF uniform…
A.L. Brown(8-3) at Glenn(8-3)…Total Offense Yardage, Glenn QB Stephon Brown must have had close to 3,000 yards in the last half of the season alone…Was throwing for nearly 500 yards most of the time…
Bishop McGuinness(4-7) at Thomas Jefferson(9-2)…If Bishop can get QB Peter Ingle healthy again and if he can get that connection with Ben Babcock rolling again, Mr. Jefferson may wish he was back up in Charlottesville, Virginia…
Madison(5-6) at Reidsville(11-0)…Not too many (11-0) teams in the area, other than Reidsville and Eastern Guilford and Jimmy Teague and Doug Robertson, the two coaches, go way back with the Rams and now on with the Wildcats at EG for Coach Rob….Tanner Wilson, at Reidsville, is one of the best quarterbacks moving around in the pocket that we will see this year…
Nash Central(7-4) at Eastern Alamance(9-2)
Southern Durham(7-4) at Western Alamance(9-2)
McMichael(3-8) at Hibriten(11-0)
Burlington Williams(6-5) at Havelock(10-1)
Asheboro(8-3) at Triton(8-3)….Eastern Guilford could see A’boro in Round Two…
Ledford(8-3) at Kings Mountain(8-3)


  1. Northwest, Northern, Southeast and Northeast will all go into basketball mode full time by Saturday morning. None of these teams will win. Southeast has a good team but Davie Co is just too strong for an average team. Northwest is a good team but they don’t have enough play makers to get past this game.

  2. Yes on that Tanner Wilson switch…Tyler Wilson played football, wrestled and played baseball for High Point Central…His brother Josh right there beside him in football and baseball…Tanner Wilson, the field general at QB for Reidsville and one of the best QB’s around here…

    If a couple of guys get hot, that being Hennigan and Turner for Northwest Guilford, they will pull the upset on the road at Myers Park…They both have to get their QB Jacob Leonard to buy into it, get them the ball and coaches will call the plays, but Leonard has to be on and he has to get the ball in those two kids hands with Finney and Zach Tyler ready to do some clean up work….

    “Must-touch Night” on Friday for Hennigan and Turner and if they are primed and if they are right that night, and you hope that they are, then Northwest is going to win…

    They have to get together and make a pact, that they are going to do all that they can to pull this off…

    NWG was ever so close in the basketball playoffs last year and the Vikings need this win at Myers Park on Friday night, to vanquish the Mustangs and it can be done…

    I don’t think that there is that much separating NWG and Myers Park, with the exception of the record and thus the MP home field advantage on Friday….

    NWG has the best chance of most of our teams to pull off that upset on Friday….SWG can do the same thing at Watauga….Watauga is an all offense team…Not a lot of defense, but plenty of offense for the Pioneers….SWG can beat Watauga and bring it back to Dudley the following week…

    We need to see Hennigan, Turner, Rainey and Jumper all in the headlines on this site, late Friday night…

    If not, Saturday morning will come early for those that are playing basketball….

  3. Myers Park Mustangs schedule for this year and I don’t see loads of tough teams on here with the exception of Matthews Butler and they beat MP Mustangs, 53-0…South Meck pretty tough and MP only beat them/South Meck., 14-11…No Mallard Creeks, no Charlotte Vance on this schedule….

    Date Opponent Result

    Charlotte Country Day School (Charlotte, NC)
    Box Score
    34 – 7Win

    Ardrey Kell (Charlotte, NC)
    Location: Myers Park High School
    Box Score Watch Video Recap
    30 – 20Win

    @ Providence (Charlotte, NC)
    Location: Providence High School
    Box Score Watch Video Recap
    14 – 7Win

    South Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC)
    Location: Myers Park High School
    Box Score Watch Video Recap
    14 – 11Win

    @ Sun Valley (Monroe, NC)
    Location: Sun Valley High School
    Box Score
    28 – 14Win

    @ Rocky River (Mint Hill, NC)
    Location: Rocky River High School
    Box Score
    45 – 19Win

    David W. Butler (Matthews, NC)
    Location: Myers Park High School
    Box ScoreRivalry Game
    53 – 0Loss

    Porter Ridge (Indian Trail, NC)
    Location: Myers Park High School
    Box Score Watch Video Recap
    34 – 27Win

    @ Independence (Charlotte, NC)
    Location: Independence High School
    Box Score Watch Video Recap
    47 – 7Win

    Garinger (Charlotte, NC)
    Location: Myers Park High School
    Box Score Watch Video Recap
    58 – 0Win

    @ East Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC)
    Location: East Mecklenburg High School
    Box Score
    23 – 21Win

    Northwest Guilford (Greensboro, NC)
    Location: Myers Park High School
    2016 Football Championships – 4AA
    Preview Game

  4. All you toothless, Old Milwaukee drinking scumbags who thought Coach Westberg from Northern want the real deal can go grab some gusto just like MY PRESIDENT!!!!!!!! Dour

  5. Northwest has not come anywhere near their potential this year. Turner and Hennigan are studs but they just don’t have the right other pieces to play the type of offense those two can thrive in. The Vikings should run Hennigan behind that Ashley kid people were talking about on here a while back. Only then should they try to open up the offense. If they don’t establish the run first, Turner will definitely get an early start an basketball season.

  6. Two keys for NW: (1) run the ball, (2) stop the run. To do number 1, they need to run behind Ashley. They do that, it ain’t over. Heck, they should line that kid up at fullback in goal line situations. MP would collectively gulp if they saw him coming with a head of steam.

  7. If SEG tries to stick with that dinosaur muddle huddle they tried at Dudley they’ll be done by half time.

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