2016 HAECO Tournament Results & Statistics Summaries

41st Annual HAECO Invitational Summary
Tuesday’s Results – December 27, 2016
All games played at Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center

Men’s Semifinals (Court 1)
#1 Greensboro Day 66, #4 Dudley 32
#2 Northwest Guilford 65, #6 Northern Guilford 51

Women’s Semifinals (Court 1)
#2 Northwest Guilford 52, #3 Page 19
#1 Northern Guilford 78, #4 Dudley 37

Men’s Consolation Round (Court 2)
#5 Page 71, #8 Grimsley 55
#3 Smith 52, #7 Ragsdale, 49 (ot)

Women’s Consolation Round (Court 2)
#5 Smith 63, #8 Grimsley 19
#7 Greensboro Day 38, #6 Ragsdale 25

Dec. 28 Schedule
Court 1
#5 Smith vs. #7 Greensboro Day School, Women’s Fifth-Place Game, 11:00 a.m.
#3 Smith vs. #5 Page, Men’s Fifth-Place Game, 12:30 p.m.
#3 Page vs, #4 Dudley Women’s Third-Place Game, 2:00 p.m.
#4 Dudley vs. #6 Northern Guilford, Men’s Third-Place Game, 3:30 p.m.
#1 Northern Guilford vs. #2 Northwest Guilford, Women’s Championship, 5:00 p.m.
#1 Greensboro Day vs. #2 Northwest Guilford Men’s Championship, 7:00 p.m.

Court 2
#6 Ragsdale vs. #8 Grimsley Women’s Seventh-Place Game, 11:00 a.m.
#7 Ragsdale vs. #8 Grimsley, Men’s Seventh-Place Game, 2:30 p.m.

First-Round Games – December 26, 2016
All games played at Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center

#1 Greensboro Day 68, #8 Grimsley 37
#4 Dudley 64, #5 Page 58
#2 Northwest Guilford 79, #7 Ragsdale 39
#6 Northern Guilford 67, #3 Smith 63

#1 Northern Guilford 62, #8 Grimsley 15
#4 Dudley 55, #5 Smith 39
#2 Northwest Guilford 44, #7 Greensboro Day 26
#3 Page 46, #6 Ragsdale 44 (ot)

8 thoughts on “2016 HAECO Tournament Results & Statistics Summaries

  1. Greensboro Day has a program that pillages from surrounding public schools. I cannot wait for HP Wesleyan and GDS to play this season.
    Dudley beat Page and should have beaten them by more. Smith…good gracious…
    *Coaching hampers talented players county wide…

  2. @lol
    Dudley has a pretty good team. Being that 5 of their first 6 players just got off the football field from winning the state plays a big part. They haven’t been allowed to touch a basketball since last March. GDS has been practicing since March & played double the games of public schools. If it had been further into the season, I’m positive they would have given GDS a run for their money. A first time head coach is also a factor.

  3. The HAECO is a great and long standing tournament in our area but it is starting to lose (actually may have already lost) all excitement on the boys side due to the boys winner being an almost forgone conclusion every year.
    GDS is going for their sixth straight title……..and I expect they will be overwhelming favorites to get it. The same 2 teams played for last year’s title with most of the same players and it wasn’t close.
    The dominance of GDS at this tourney somewhat coincides with the complete draining of most of the talented players from the public schools to the privates. Over the past several years, it is the exception rather than the rule to see a concentration of talent at a public school that can compete with a top level area private school.
    I don’t know how to fix this to restore some excitement to this tourney – but we have plenty of smart sports people involved with this tourney to figuure it out.

    I expect GDS has already been made the #1 seed and installed as the overwhelming favorite for next year’s tourney.

  4. Yeah its crazy how empty the arena was, the youth doesn’t attend the games anymore like they used to back in the early 2000s. Also I think GDS should go to the SW tournament with HPC and Weslyn, or either go to another tournament. The competition isn’t like it used to be. I remember Page, Dudley, Smith, Northeast used to be a good competition for GDS. The talent on the women side has drop drastically. It’s was hard sitting there watching them air ball lays ups and just playing sloppy.

  5. I just think the level of talent is down here. Overall the level of talent just doesn’t seem like it’s there anymore. The games weren’t very entertaining. It seem like it’s less spectators every year. I will say the NW/GDS game should be good.

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