High School Basketball Tonight inside and around Guilford County

Here is the lineup for tonight and ready to add in any new games that might be floating around out there…
(All games set to start at 6pm with the girls games first, unless otherwise noted.)
+++++We will be adding in some notes and numbers over the next few minutes.+++++

Dudley at Page…Girls:Page(8-4/1-0)…Dudley(8-6/2-0)…Boys:Page(7-6/0-1)…Dudley(7-6/2-0)…These games can be heard TONIGHT here on GreensboroSports Radio…Girls and Boys games both on GreensboroSports Radio….Check out the games and plenty of scores later on tonight at www.greensborosportsradio.com…..
Northeast Guilford at Eastern Guilford…Girls:NEG(11-3/5-2)…EG(7-5/3-4)…Boys:EG(9-3/5-2)…NEG(8-6/4-3)
Cameron Robles will have ‘Cam’s Camera’ at this game with GreensboroSports photos to follow…
Southern Guilford at Western Guilford…Girls:SG(6-8/2-2)…WG(1-10/0-2)…Boys:SG(6-8/2-2)…WG(6-7/1-1)
Wyatt Smith reporting at this game for GreensboroSports.com…Full report on the Boys game to follow and summary on the girls…
Grimsley at Southeast Guilford…Girls:SEG(8-7/1-1)…Grimsley:(1-13/0-10…Boys:Grimsley:(2-11/0-1)…SEG(7-8/1-1)
Glenn at Northwest Guilford…Girls:Glenn(3-10/0-0)…NWG:12-2/1-0)…Boys:NWG)11-2/1-0)…Glenn:(5-9/0-1)
East Forsyth at Southwest Guilford…Girls:SWG(9-4/0-0)…EAST:6-8/0-0)…Boys:EAST:(10-5/1-0)…SWG(10-2/0-0)
Southern Alamance at Smith…Smith(8-7/0-2)…SA(3-9/1-1)…Boys:Smith(11-5/1-1)…SA(3-9/1-1)
Ragsdale at High Point Central…Girls:HPC:8-5/0-0)…RAGS(9-6/0-1)…Boys:RAGS(6-9/0-1)…HPC(8-4/0-0)
High Point Andrews at Eastern Randolph…Girls:HPA(6-5/0-0)…ER(8-5/1-0)…Boys:HPA(8-5/1-0)…ER(7-6/0-0)
McMichael at Rockingham County…Girls:ROCK(14-1/7-1)…MAC(4-10/0-8)…Boys:MAC(4-9/2-6)…ROCK:(4-12/0-8)
North Stokes at Bishop McGuinness 6:30pm…Girls:Bishop(5-8/3-2)…NS(2-12/0-3)…Boys:NS(5-11/0-5)…Bishop(8-5/3-2)
Westchester Country Day at Calvary Baptist 5:30pm…Girls:WCD(0-5/0-3)…CDS(5-8/2-1)…Boys:WCD(2-9/2-2)…CDS(7-10/3-1)

Questions going into tonight’s games???

1)Will Hendon Hooker play for Dudley tonight at Page? Did not play last night.
2)Will Tre Turner play tonight for Northwest Guilford? Did not play last night and now day-to-day, out with hand injury…
3)Will Jaylen Alston hit for 26 points for Eastern Guilford tonight vs. NEG? Has done this quite bit in recent games, going for 25-plus points…
4)Are the SEG Falcons for real on the boys side? Looked good last night before falling late to Smith…Could go (2-1) conference with a win over Grimsley tonight….
5)Is Northern Guilford playing tonight? That’s the only Guilford County team that I did not see on the ‘Play List’ for tonight….NG girls still with just one loss on the season….

Bonus Question:
If Southwest Guilford doesn’t win the NCHSAA Boys 4-A Title this year, don’t you see them winning back-to-back 3-A Titles, in the Twins(Keyshaun and Kobe’s) junior and senior seasons???
Another thought going into next Saturday….Who do you favor, SWG or NWG boys, NWG or SWG girls in next Saturday’s/January 21 games, at SWG???
NWG will need Tre Turner back full-strength for that one….


  1. SW’s boys only weakest is against a team with size that can play well. That’s primarily why WES and GDS beat them. NW does not have size that can help you. NW has more power in their guards that can create issues for SW. NW does not appear to have enough perimeter shooting this year to off set the speed and perimeter shooting from SW. SW wants to score 90+ points per game which is normally 15 points more than NW on any given night. SW will beat NW by 12-18 pts. The NW defense and offense is too predictable and it will come back to haunt them next Saturday.

  2. SW will absolutely get to the final 4 for 4A simply because they have 4 guards that can give you 15 pts each every night. So if someone is having an off night, someone else will pick up the difference. Once you get to the final 4, then it’s just a matter of which team is on a roll. Any team that can’t score 80 pts each night, has at least 2 biggs that can score or play lock down defense such as GDS, will not beat SW this year. Next year I personally don’t see the twins staying in a public school program. Their current conference only has NW as a real team. The new 3A conference next year won’t have any real teams as Dudley starts rebuilding with young talent. Smith will be good but still young. The twins would be better off playing at one of the private schools where the level of competition is much higher during the season.

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