Game Report on Southwest Guilford-Ragsdale Girls Basketball:Carter and Monk lead balanced C’girls attack as SWG routes Ragsdale Tigers

Southwest Guilford 44, Ragsdale 29

SW       19   2  8  15  44
Ragsdale  8  10  6   5  29

L Carter 13
L Monk 12
F Price 8
M Bryant 6
D Gandolfo 2
J Wilson 2
T Medley 1

N Stallings 13
K Gladney 6
T Williams 4
S Flemming 3
K Walker 3


  1. What “route”??? Did you see the game? Tigers held SW to 2 points in the second quarter. Tigers down by only 3 at half, only 5 at the end of three quarters. Much improved defense by Ragsdale, with the exception of several unforced turnovers in the last two minutes that lead to easy transition layups, SW had to earn every point. Great game… NO ROUTE!

  2. A 15-point win could allude to/appear to be a route if we were not at the game…

    Thanks for the update…..Looks like Ragsdale has a player or two down/out too…

    Good to know and now we know, the route was not on…


  3. Yes, that has got to be my first excuse, it was a root/route instead of a rout….

    Spell check needs to treat me better than this, but word is spelled correctly, it is just of different meaning…

    Similar sounds different meaning and spellings….

    You had the homonyms, synonyms and antonyms and let’s hope those spelling are close…

    Spell check not giving me much to work with on these…

  4. @ragsdale,
    What’s Ragsdale’s record since HAECO? Coach Bradford is a good coach however his AAU record is based upon the best talent i Guilford County. So his record at Ragsdale is subjective based upon his teams talent vs completion. Good coach? Yes but great coach? Who wouldn’t be with the talent of the 2018/19 class of Guilford County? He can’t win for losing but a slice of humility wouldn’t hurt him.

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