High School Basketball Saturday Morning Rewind:Friday night’s names and numbers and the Saturday Afternoon Lineup(NWG at SWG on TWC)

Here is your Saturday afternoon High School Basketball Lineup and you can catch the NWG at SWG games on Time Warner Cable at 4pm….

Northwest Guilford at Southwest Guilford girls at 4 and boys at around 5:30pm…Should be two of the better games in the county this season…Games will be featured on Time Warner Cable…Also TODAY:One of the top games of the weekend from CBS/MaxPreps.com:Greensboro Day (Greensboro, N.C.) vs. Wheeler (Marietta, Ga.) 4 pm at the Peachtree Corners Invitational (Norcross, Ga.)….Plus you have North Forsyth at Western Guilford on Saturday afternoon at 4pm

Looking Back at last night’s names and numbers in The Rewind:

Girls Scorers from last night/Friday with 13 points or more in their games….
25:Kristen Roberts(Southern Guilford HS)
23:Elissa Cunane(Northern Guilford HS)
22:Symphony Jackson(Smith HS)
21:Tyler Davenport(WS Atkins)
20:Kassie Robakiewicz(Northern Guilford HS)
18:Emily Elliot(Bishop McGuinness)
18:Kayla Chrisp(WS Atkins)
16:Jewell Tinsley(Southeast Guilford HS)
16:Nichelle Jeffries(Northeast Guilford HS)
15:Marquita Parker(Southeast Guilford HS)
14:India Fitzgerald(Southeast Guilford HS)
13:Teara Johnson(Dudley HS)
13:Tya Morrison(Northeast Guilford HS)
13:Cody Century(Morehead HS)

Boys Scorers from last night’s games with 15 points or more:
35:Jaylen Alston(Eastern Guilford HS)
33:Jeremiah Phifer(Morehead HS)
29:C.J. Cappuccio(Bishop McGuinness)
26:Deandre Graves(Morehead HS)
23:Jahlen King(Page HS)
23:Ramal Patterson(Eastern Guilford HS)
22:Garren Dearman(Southern Guilford HS)
21:Tim Boulware(Dudley HS)
20:D.J. Crossen(Dudley HS)
18:Andy Pack(Northern Guilford HS)
17:Tylan Tatum(Page HS)/10 Rebounds
15:Shemarr Watkins(East Forsyth HS)
15:Montrez Hairston(WS Atkins)

*****On ‘The Rewind’ from this past week we saw two players-of-the-future for the first time and they were Destiny Tisdale and Travis Shaw from Kiser Middle and I think Destiny could start for Grimsley right now…If you told her that you have six minutes to catch that train on the other side of town, she would tell you, “I will be back in five minutes”….The kid is a “Keeper”….Same thing for Shaw, he is 12 years old and he must weigh in at around 250 pounds and is at least 6’1 or 6’2….The kid may have to leave middle school early for the Carolina Panthers, who knows, but I do know, that these two will make it, if they keep on working and doing what they have been doing and “Doing It Right”….

The Southeast Guilford boys basketball team has come a long way in the past year and a-half under new head coach Corey Muirhead and let’s keep an eye on this SEG boys basketball program and see far that they can go….Isaiah Tate, Desmond Freeman, Judah Watkins, Kaleb Brooks, Jeremiah Dickerson and all of the Falcons have come a long way and for them to go into Dudley and get a Win last night, that is really BIG for the Southeast Guilford basketball program…

Dudley was without Josh Hopkins and Hendon Hooker has taken root up at Virginia Tech, but SEG still had to dig down way deep to get that win last night…

SEG was up by as many as 14 in the second half, but true to the Dudley Panthers’ character, they fought back and had the game tied up in the last minute of the contest and nearly sent the game into Overtime….

SEG was able to finish last night and this may be a sign that Southeast Guilford boys basketball could be a team to watch out for, over the next several years….Looks like they are just starting to scratch the surface and if they can keep these young men together, then you never know, how far they might go….*****


  1. TWC wasted their time, course how were they to know tre turner for boys and cayla king for girls out, should be blowout city for both SW teams.

  2. When you spend all your time concentrating on one player like NWG girls have the others get left behind, in development and other areas. Not surprised king is hurt, obviously sophomore body not able to take the wear and tear especially with as much as she goes to the rim. Coaching staff runs every play through her and now they will get to deal with the repercussions.

  3. Regardless of this game, just like last year and all previous years, NWG staff is stuck in the 60s, two post players stay in game ALL the time. SW has athletic players positions 1-4, NW continues to play a slow athletic at the 4 position, SW 4 was leading scorer because of this, and NW 4 had like 7 turn overs. This same style cost NWG the state champ last year. It’s an evolving game people, evolve or get left behind.

  4. Waste, Not and Stuck; How are those words tasting about now? Do you open your mouths just to switch feet?

  5. they taste fine, because NW should have 3 state champ at this point but because of unwillingness to evolve they have zero.

    a win vs SW means nothing

  6. No matter who was available and who wasn’t available, those were two very good games today….

    NWG girls pulled it out and there is no way most thought they had a chance without Cayla King and then when Lindsay Gauldin got hurt at one point, you had two freshman in the Viking backcourt in Thalia Carter and Abigal Rose…

    But Gauldin came back and BOY did she come back and she had an excellent game…Little Lindsay came up big today and Sandra Womack with 10 points, man she was going crazy hitting pull-up base line shots, like she had been reading the old ABA handbook….And SWG could not drive the lane because they were worried Liz Kitley would block their shots and she got her fare share of blocked shots today and I really want to know how many rebounds Liz had, it seemed like she was tearing up the boards…

    SWG was forced to settle for mostly outside shots and some the pull-up shots they got without going all the way to rim…

    I don’t know everything about basketball and I know for a fact the coaches know more about it than we do, but I thought SWG might have Monk try and go one-on-one with her defender who was a freshman….I felt like the senior could take the freshman, but SWG had other ideas and they were two points away from still pulling it off and this is a very big win for Northwest…

    When you consider with King down, that is minus 15 points right and today, Gauldin and Womack made up for the King’s absence…Gauldin and Womack were HUGE for NWG today in my opinion and Kitley is huge for them every day and that is just the way it is….

  7. Bon appetit then.

    Every win means something, having only four losses in the last three years also means something.

  8. totally due to the talent she had. 4 of which are playing college ball now. AND that talent was completely developed at the AAU level. Those girls had best AAU coach in the area and she is the reason they succeeded, NW won DESPITE the “stuck in the 60s” game play their HS staff tried to make them run. It’s not rocket science when they other team play 4 athletic combo guard type players no need to play a slow unathletic big, hence the loss in the finals last year and almost losing last night, check the stat line of the SW 4/PF against the NW 4/PF.

  9. NWG did not have their top scorer going into that game for the girls on Saturday and with that being the case, SWG should have been favored to win by 15-20 points, with that being what the top NWG scorer is averaging per game…

    NWG won a game minus 15-20 points and to the credit of NWG the other Viking players stepped up and that is a sign of a good team…That is good and that is what you celebrate for a day or two.

    Not saying at all that SWG is a bad team, they are a very good team, but give me the opponent and their top player is out and there is no way my team is supposed to lose now…

    This not based on what has happened in the past, this is based on what is going on today and what happened Saturday..

    NWG won the game on Saturday and now that means they have to believe they can go out and win it all this year and you can’t ask for more than that…

    Previous days are behind you now and what’s going on this year is what is important…Whoever you have Tuesday, that is the name of the game now….Next up and that is the order of events, whoever is on that schedule for Tuesday….

    Forget about the past losses and wins, practice Monday, right after school and time to get back to work….

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