ACC Basketball Today and the Stations where you can see(TV) and hear(Radio) the games:Will the Tournament ever be back in Greensboro???

WFMY NEWS 2 will carry all of these games today and tonight with Patrick Wright(Smith High School) LIVE in New York…

*****North Carolina vs. Miami 12 Noon
Duke vs. Louisville 2:30pm
Florida State vs. Virginia Tech 7pm
Notre Dame vs. Virginia 9:30pm*****

+++++Big question of the day is this:Will the Tournament ever be back in Greensboro???
Some say maybe, some say Yes, some say Never, and some say, “I don’t care”….So say you???+++++

*****A look at the radio stations that will be carrying the games and what else they will be carrying…….*****

600AM WSJS: They are carrying Dave Glenn and the Scott Hamilton Show…DG from from 12-3p…Hamilton from 3-6pm….

620 the Buzz: Bob Harris, John Roth and John Rose will be on board for ALL the Duke games from the IMG College Network. Flagship station from Durham, N.C……DUKE is HERE…..

1150 WBAG: All games on with the Tar Heel Sports Network. Jones Angell, Eric Montross and Dave Nathan at the helm. They will use the Duke Network with Bob Harris and John Roth for Blue Devil games only…Joe Gray and his crew have been very steady, going this same route over the past several seasons….UNC and DUKE are HERE

1200AM:Dave Glenn will be on, with his Sports Talk Show all week from 12-3p…

1230AM WMFR: Triad Sports Network….Dave Glenn from 12-3pm and Scott Hamilton from Winston-Salem…Hamilton from 3-6pm….

1260AM WKXR: N.C. State Wolfpack Network….All games were on the air in the Asheboro area and surrounding portions of Randolph County…N.C. STATE was HERE….

1320AM:Part of Triad Sports Network…..Carries N.C. A&T during the season….Dave Glenn from 12-3p and Scott Hamilton from Winston-Salem…Hamilton from 3-6pm….Spencer Turkin on board as, “The Voice of the N.C. A&T Aggies Basketball”….

1360AM WCHL: Tar Heel Sports Network…All games LIVE in Chapel Hill proper….This is one of your “Heritage Radio Stations”, once led by Jim Heavner and Woody Durham…UNC TAR HEELS are HERE

1400AM:WKEW will carries the Wake Forest Sports Network from IMG….…Stan Cotton and Mark Friedinger….

1440AM: Tar Heel Sports Network….Have been carrying Heels for many years and used to carry theM on the Hilton Family’s 94.1 FM and now 94.1 is part of the K-LOVE Network…UNC is HERE

94.5 FM:Tar Heel Sports Network…..”Home of the Heels”…..UNC is HERE

98.1 FM WBRF Galax…..Stan Cotten and The Dinger/Mark Friedinger doing the announcing. Stan and Mark will be on board for games from the tournament…

98.3 FM the Hispanic LaRaza: They will carry the Duke games only with Bob(Roberto) Harris, John(Juan) Roth and John(Juan Pablo) Rose ….Bob Harris is the ‘Legend’ when it comes to college basketball on the radio….DUKE is HERE….

101.5 FM WRAL:N.C. State games only on this Raleigh-based station….WRAL in Raleigh..N.C. STATE was HERE……

105.7 FM WVBZ:N.C. State games only in the Triad with Matt Pencola yelling “The Ticket” somewhere in the background…..N.C. STATE was HERE

4 thoughts on “ACC Basketball Today and the Stations where you can see(TV) and hear(Radio) the games:Will the Tournament ever be back in Greensboro???

  1. In the future cheat fans won’t care where the tourney is played, since they will be banned from it for a couple of years.

  2. I would like to see that date pop up on my calendar so I could come down to Greensboro and see the tournament again.

    I love the ACC Tournament and I love it in Greensboro and not in Brookville.

    Love to dig in on some of that Boss Hogg’s BBQ.

    Always and Forever,

    Jimmy Hoffa

  3. When you consider the primary places that the tourney would even get consideration: New York, DC, Atlanta, Tampa, Charlotte and Greensboro. You would think colleges such as Duke, UNC, Wake, NC State, UVA, VT and Clemson would prefer Greensboro since it is a easy trip for their fans. Miami and FSU could go either way since a lot of people there came from the northeast. However their players are primarily mid atlantic and southern kids so Greensboro and south seems like a better location for them to recruit to players/parents. I think only ND, SYA, Pitt and BC would vote New York or DC on a regular basis. BC should be voting for Greensboro or further south because they need more kids from the south. 2 of their best 4 players are from NC and clearly their football program needs more players from the southern regions. Plus Greensboro has more available seats per school than most of the other stadiums. The women’s tournament clearly wants to be back in NC. The # of people showing up in Myrtle Beach was not good at all. We must get rid of that stupid and unnecessary HB2 crap first.

  4. I don’t care where the tournament is being played, the Tar Heels are going to win the The ACC Tournament.

    UNC rules and they will win it all and are going to win it again here in 2017.

    The NCAA Title is within their reach.

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