Piedmont Triad 4A Conference 2017 Baseball All-Conference Team

Piedmont Triad 4A Conference 2017 Baseball All-Conference Team

All-Conference Team School
Jacob Edwards- Southwest Guilford
Tommy Zente- Southwest Guilford
AJ Allen- Southwest Guilford
Ethan Blanchard- Northwest Guilford
Cole Pickford- Northwest Guilford
Joey Rezek- Northwest Guilford
Connor Smith- Northwest Guilford
Tim Cao- Northwest Guilford
Grant Eidschun- East Forsyth
Brendan Emery- East Forsyth
Harrison Hayse- East Forsyth
Colin Smith- High Point Central
Frank Martin- High Point Central
De’Angelo Giles- High Point Central
Levi Hess- High Point Central
Drake Quinn- High Point Central
Kier Meredith- Glenn
Jordan Ward- Glenn
Luke Pritchett- Ragsdale
Collin Clark- Northwest Guilford
Lamonte Johnson- East Forsyth

Connor Norby East Forsyth Player of the Year
Kyle Blendinger Southwest Guilford Pitcher of the Year

Coach of the Year
Reid Holmes Southwest Guilford

Final Regular Season Standings	Conference Record	Overall Record
1	Southwest Guilford	8-2	                18-4
2	Northwest Guilford	7-3	                13-10
3	East Forsyth	        6-4	                17-6
4	High Point Central	5-5	                11-11
5	Glenn	                2-8	                12-10
5	Ragsdale	        2-8	                 7-16


  1. Are we sure all the names are there?
    How can NW have six picks and
    SW only have three?

  2. You know what, I was sort of wondering the same thing when I first posted this….

    Have your coach, Coach Holmes, contact Marty Stanley, at the Conference Office to get verification….

  3. Agree with 1st question, but guess anyone who wins a special award like POY is all-conference but not listed. Bigger question is “How can you have 6 AC players and not win the conference?

  4. All conference players are selected based on their individual statistics for the 10 conference games played. Therefore a team like SW that has dominant pitching and won most conference games 1-0, or 2-1 had very few players with good offensive stats. So their 2 dominant pitchers, who threw 100% of the conference games they won, received the honors.

  5. Some interesting points being brought up here….

    You look at the dominant players and how they impacted the season…

    You look at the numbers and what you are looking at appears to be based on conference games, for that is where the opposing conference coaches saw your kids play…

    And if you look at the fact that you are looking at Conference games only and the results from those games only, again that makes a difference….

    A set, a certain set of circumstances, if you are talking conference games only….

    How did that kid do vs. us in conference play????

    In the Metro 4-A Conference, the Smith Golden Eagles went (0-10), didn’t win a game all year in the conference, and their coach Joey Gladson, was named Coach of the Year….

    Joey earned the respect of the opposing conference coaches in those conference games when people played Smith…

    You don’t see it very often, where a team wins no games and the coach still gets Coach of the Year, but it worked out that way for baseball in the Metro…

    Smith was much improved, the other coaches saw that, and they rewarded Joey Gladson for his, and his team’s efforts….

    Some interesting subjects….

  6. Thanks for the update “Baseball fan 1”. After reading your post, I remembered it’s based off of conference numbers.

    Thanks Andy for your input.

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