Jared Rolfes Press Conference announcing new Page High School Football Coach

In the media center at Page High School, Page athletics director Rusty Lee introduces the new Page football coach and prior to Rusty, we get to hear from the new Page HS principal…

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New Page football coach Jared Rolfes addresses the gathering at Page High School….
Click Below…This will give you a good idea what the coach is about and what he is looking at coming into Page High School….

More from new Page football coach Jared Rolfes…
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  1. I hope that NW will go after Coach Aaron Beal at East Forsyth too. Also, to the person who said Coach Beal is not a certified teacher in the last thread. You don’t know the man like I do. I speak to him on a regular… He would be a great hire because he can save those great teaching spots you spoke of for his assistant coaches/coordinators. He and his family own a successful business and he is in the building every morning at East Forsyth checking in with teachers and helping keep up with player recruiting. He is a full time coach that doesn’t need teaching money unlike 9.9/10 coaches in the state. He might be the best coaching candidate in the State for a HC Job just for that very reason. Great christian man who loves to win. He eats and sleeps Football people and loves his players. If he goes after NW or if he waits and becomes a HC down the line. He will be a great HC one day because he can fully focus on that job and not having to teach all day then coach. Guy has done nothing but help the teams he’s been on win.

    Teams he’s coached on in 8 years. NWG/EF record 76-26 (may be off 1 or 2 games) (3 Conf titles at NW) (2 Conf titles at East Forsyth as DC)

  2. Good Luck Rolfes….Good Luck Beal! Would be a great rivalry to see those 2 go at it again in the same conference. Bad Blood between both of them and its very fun to watch.

  3. I hate that Rolfes left this late in the game just cause he didn’t think NW was as good a team as Page. Why not beat teams like Page and East like the coach did before you at NW!??? Very shady move sir!

  4. I agree that was an average hire but no way Grimsley beating us, love your confidence though.

  5. Feel for everyone with the timing of this but no one knows how this all came together and has no right to judge either side or person(s)

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